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    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    AdstraGold Microbrewery

     A great place to chill in the evenings with great beer selections.......we had the crispy pork knuckle and pork ribs for dinner.  Loves the friendly service staff!

     The Bakerwoman & Elisha.....

     Yums.....Pork knuckle & ribs accompanied by mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and fries! Heavenly with your Dunkerbier!!! 

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    The House of Robert Timms

    Robert Timms is reknown to be one of Australia's oldest coffee companies......The cafe is cozy and I enjoyed having my all day breakfast here.....

    Breakfast Down Under 

     The Big Bang

     Crocodile Casserole (the meat was tender & it literally melts in your mouth).  This is a classic traditional Australian recipe.  The flavour of the crocodile meat was indeed very subtle!

     Spicy Beef Wrap

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    Sunday, September 02, 2012

    Milan, my last destination.....Addio Italy!

    Milan is Fashion, Art, History and Culture! A world beater on the international fashion and design stages, the banking capital of Italy.  Milan is today a wealthy city city of glamorous people, stylish shopping streets, incredible restaurants and an on-trendy nightlife.

     Travelling from Venice to fast forward Milan by train took 3.5 hours.....I enjoyed the picturesque view of the lakes, pristine snow and beautiful face of the Swiss Alps with snowy peaks of its white coat....

     Left - The Duomo di Milan, the world's largest cathedral has a pink hued facade encrusted with around 2,300 gargoyles, a roof bristling with pinnacles and a spire topped with the 5 meter golden figure of Milan's much-loved mascot, the Madonnina.
    Centre & Right - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the preferred rendevous of the local elite for over a century.  A shopping heaven which housed Swarovski, Gucci, Prada & Louis Vuitton & some of the city's best loved eateries!

    When in Milan, you have to try Panificio Luini.....The founder of this shop came from southern Italy more than 50 years ago...The Luini bakery created its wonderful panzerotto, something like a doughy pizza, come fried or oven-baked.  Try to get there as early as possible, Luini's Panzerotti are so popular they often sell right out!  My thanks to Wendy for her recommendations!
      Lake Como - Milan's romantic lakeside playground.  Rumour has it that George Clooney owns Villa Oleandra here.  Life is indeed slower here than in mega-paced Milan.  Surrounded by mountains reflected in the sapphire blue waters, the lake is a mecca for sailors, climbers & mountain bikers. 

    Loving the superb Milanese cooking....

     Another popular Gelateria in Milan - absolutely GROM! The line tends to be long, but this gelato is well worth waiting for!  Their philosophy , serving the best gelatos made from absolute top quality raw materials!

    Our last night in Milan.....a sophisticated modern city with an ancient beating heart!
    The Romance of La Scala Opera House, its also known for its beautiful neo-classical architecture dating back to 1778.  Its is one of world's premier opera houses and hosts highly acclaimed operas as well as ballet, orchestra & choir performances.

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    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    Venice - one of Italy's most romantic destinations!

    Venice is indeed ravishing, feels like every crumbling building, evocative alley and sun-dappled square has been photographed, painted and sighed over by countless visitors.

    It will always remain in the traveler's heart as a fascinating piece of historic Italy and one of Italy's most romantic destinations.

    Vaporetto (water bus) - cruise the Grand Canal on the cheap.....marvel at the stately procession of sumptuous water palaces gazing majestically upon centuries of comings & goings.
    Left - relaxing in Hotel Vecellio

    Exploring Venice....

    St Mark's Square - was once the epicentre of the wealthiest & most powerful city in Europe, the crossroads to the medieval world's most fascinating places, a glorious homage to human ingenuity & faith in the merchant's skill.  Nothing compares with seeing St Mark's Basilica bathed in golden afternoon light, embracing a millennium of glorious history and gleaming facades.

    Dining in a Venetian busy restaurant - Porcini  Risotto & Buffalo Mozzarella Salad 

    Left - Ponte di Rialto, the busiest bridge in Venice.  Today, it is one of Venice's most-visited sights lined with souvenir kiosks & gondoliers touting for trade.

    Left - Campanile di San Marco & Clock Tower - The Tallest building in town.  Once at the top, you'll be rewarded with a jaw-dropping panorama of the city and, on a clear day, the Dolomites.

    Left - San Giorgio Maggiore (Island, Church & Open-air Theatre), this picturesque island, dominated by the 16th century church of San Giorgio Maggiore.

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