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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Boiled potatoes with Balsamic Mushrooms, Fetta Chesse Salad & Steak

    We had a sumptuous dinner on Saturday night over a glass of red wine.........my hubby, Mike made steak, boiled potatoes with Balsamic wild mushrooms & Fetta Cheese Salad.

    Weekends are my "off days", that is when Mike will take over the Bakerwoman on weekends!!! Mike's a great chef for fusion, Italian & French cuisine......

    Bon Appetit!!!

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    Spicy Fried Brinjals

    Another alternative to cook eggplant or brinjal........sambal brinjals with ground cumin!

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    Sponge Cakes

    Made these fluffy sponge cup cakes for my afternoon tea........instead of lining some waxed papercups with baking paper, I made the spongecakes in cupcake casings. I like the texture - light and just right!!!

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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Banana Fritters, Selangor style

    This is another version of jemput jemput pisang - Selangor style. I prefer this version as its much flufflier and simply delicious!!! Be warned!!!!!
    The ingredients added were coconut milk, baking powder, self-raising flour & corn flour! I like the texture of this recipe from a Malaysian cookbook.

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    Nonya Birthday Noodles - Fried Mee Sua

    This is a traditional Nonya birthday noodles - Fried Mee Sua, for my daughter, Elisha's 12th birthday.
    You can also use the yellow noodles for birthday noodles, adding taucheo and prawn stock to it. This is the traditional fried mee sua for Peranakans, we said "panjang umur umur" which means "wishing long life or longevity".
    As mee sua is very salty - no taucheo was used here.....am frying the mee sua aka "hor fun" style, adding roast pork, chye sim, prawns & fish cake, garnished with lots of fried shallots!

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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Nonya Salad

    Nonya Salad - diced cucumber & honey pineapple, marinated with daun limau perut (kaffir leaves), dried prawns, chilli, belachan. We love eating ikan bakar (baked fish) with this salad.....

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    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    Satay Babi - Grilled Barbeque Pork in Skewers

    Meat was marinated the night before

    Sizzling Satay Babi (I used the griller in the oven)

    Not forgetting the ketupat (rice cakes) - bought this ready made ketupat from the market

    Simply sedap, great for BBQ, home made satay!!

    For my daughter's birthday, I made our traditional Peranakan Satay Babi with homemade peanut sauce (with grated pineapple), sauce (refer to my earlier post).
    I have tried so many satay stalls here in Singapore, and my favourite is Satay Instimewa, which is located in Lau Pa Sat, stall no. 14.
    Therefore, if you "tak kuasa" (can't be bothered to make these satays), I would highly recommend Satay Instimewa.

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    Satay Sauce with grated pineapple

    Ground peanuts & water were mixed, bring to the boil till thickened

    Next, rempah was "tumised" till oil separates from rempah

    Finally, here is the satay sauce.........

    For our Peranakan satay sauce, grated pineapple was added to the sauce.

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    Jemput Jemput Pisang

    Made Jemput pisang for breakfast over a good cup of black coffee on a Sunday morning......I used pisang rajah for this recipe.

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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Teochew Style Steamed Fish

    Steamed Teochew styled ikan kurau for dinner. Added 2 salted plums, a dash of sesame oil, hua tiao chew, sliced kiam chye, ginger, tomatoes and lots of cilantro & spring onions!

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    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Fried Vegetarian Bee Hoon

    I made the bee hoon for our picnic to the Pasir Ris Park........

    Fried tau kee, french beans, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, dried shrimps (grago) & fish cakes were added. Garnished with shredded omelette & shallots.

    Oh, lastly, I remembered to pack my chilli padi for the bee hoon..........awesome, enjoying the park with a hot mug of coffee and ice jelly for desserts!

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    Tauhu Masak Titik - Spicy Beancurd & Salted Fish Soup

    This is a favourite soup amongst the Peranakans, Tauhu Masak Titik or Buah Paya Masak Titk (green papaya soup).

    For this titik soup, I've added salted ikan kurau bones to the stock. Meat balls (pork & prawns paste) can also be added to this spicy soup.

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    Babi Asam - Pork Braised in Tamarind Sauce

    I like the combination of assam juice & taucheo with pork belly.
    Give me a plate of white rice and I'll enjoy eating this dish with sliced green chillies, smeared with shrimp paste and sambal belachan! Heavenly!!!

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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Otak Otak Panggang - Spicy Fish Grilled in Banana Leaves

    Baked the otak in oven

    My dinner for the night
    The cookbook caught my eye whilst I was in NLB (National Library). The Best of Singapore Recipes, NYONYA SPECIALTIES - by Mrs Leong Yee Soo.
    Although I just made otak last week, I tried her recipe. Instead of wrapping individual cases of the usual otak, I prefer to bake the otak in the oven without much hassle.
    Try this out - you can mashed the otak otak with a hard boiled egg and add a bit of mayonnaise over baguette, topped with sliced cucumber.......Awesome!!!

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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009


    My all time favourite - macaroni in good broth of chicken, celery, carrot & onion.
    I've also added home made bread croutons and lots of chilli padi to my macaroni.

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    Tow Yew Bak/Chicken

    Another one of our Peranakan signature dish, Tow Yew Bak-Streaky Belly Pork in Soy Sauce. Instead of using pork, I substituted chicken instead and added some hard boiled eggs.
    Great to dip with baguette or toast!

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    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Pasta in Shokudo, Orchard Cineleisure

    Clam Pasta
    Spicy beef

    Scallop Pesto

    Caesar's Salad
    Had a Rolling Good Times with my ex-colleagues from Royal Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza.
    We had dinner in Shokudo Japanese pasta and recalling the good times we've shared whilst in the hospitality industry. We had a blast!!!
    I like Shokudo's caesar's salad and the scallop pesto pasta.
    As for dessert, we headed to the Balcony, Hereen for a good cuppa over tortilla chips and dips!!!

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    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    Chicken Rice in Purvis Street

    YY Coffeeshop, Purvis Street

    Since I was heading to NLB (National Library) in Bras Basah today, I went to Purvis Street for my favourite toasts & chicken rice........its brunch for me.....and yes, I do have a great appetite when it comes to food........
    If you walk down historic Purvis Street, Hainanese food are scattered alongst the row of shophouses. Killiney Kopitiam, Hainan 2nd Street Restaurant, Hock Lam Beef Noodle, Chin Chin to YY Coffeeshop.
    I used to patronise Chin Chin in the 90's where pork/lamb chops were served. Typical Hainanese food prepared by authenthic Hainanese chefs.......simply shiok!
    YY Coffeeshop serves the best peng kang lohti! Other than toasts, I had chicken rice today.......hor fun, fried beehoon (for breakfast), wantan mee, side dishes are also available here.
    Nice cozy kopi tiam!

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    Peng Kang LohTi - Kaya Toast

    When it comes to kopi and kaya toasts - nothing beats eating the traditional Hainanese toasts and brew. Hainanese cafes are aplenty, it ranges from Killiney, Wang Jiao, Han's etc. The best toast I've tasted is definitely : YY Coffeshop in Purvis Street!
    Besides toasts, I also like their chicken rice (as listed in my blog) ,wantan mee, chee cheong fun & hor fun.
    Sourdough bread is served for the toasts........and I had my usual kopi-si siew dai (coffee with milk and less sugar).

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    Hot Dog & Star Shaped Hash

    I know its a simple dish - we like the Rudis Pork Sausage from Cold Storage. Another of my favourite is Huber's Butchery - where you can get a wide selection of prime meats, sausages, hams.
    I never like my sausages fried! Just add a dash of olive oil and leave the sausages in the oven to bake.
    Don't forget to add some dijon mustard to your hot dog!!! The star shaped hash browns are available in Cold Storage (Farmland). Kids love it!!!

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    Otak Otak or Otah

    Since I had the left over banana leaves from makingAng Koo Kueh, I decided to make Otak! My version of this recipe uses the yong tauhu fish paste. They turned out pretty tasty and smooth!

    Otak-otak is a fish cake found throughout Indonesia. The southern Malaysian town of Muar is a popular destination for it -- people from surrounding states often visit to buy the famous otak-otak in bulk. It is also known as otah-otah, otah or otak in Singapore. Otak means brains in Malay and Indonesian, and the name of the dish is derived from the idea that the dish somewhat resembles brains, being on the soft and squishy side.
    It can be eaten as a snack or with bread or rice as part of a meal. (exerpts from Wikipedia)

    Otak-otak is made by mixing fish paste (usually mackerel) with a mixture of spices including chillies, garlic, shallots, turmeric, lemon grass and coconut milk. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf that has been softened by steaming, then grilled or steamed.
    While fish otak-otak is most common, otak-otak is also commonly made with prawns, often resulting in a more textured variety. In Muar, you will also be able to find otak-otak made from cuttlefish, fish head and even chicken.

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