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    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Tea Time Everyone! The Makan journey continues in 7th Mile, Kuching!

    As the saying says....the makan never stops here.....its tea time in Kuching and we headed to 7th Mile for the sumptous Berbuka Puasa Bazaar.....

    Hari Raya Puasa is just around the corner....the air was filled with aromatic nasi bryani, kebabs, homemade varieties of kuehs, padang dishes, ikan bakar....you name it....suma adah!!!!

    You'll never go hungry here in Kuching......mari lets see the yummy delights.....The best time is NOW....

    Tentage with lots of BBQ meat......here is ayam bakar (BBQ Chicken)

    Ikan Bakar (BBQ Fish), sedap with sambal concoction of shallots, lime, sugar, chilli padi, black sauce

    Sting Ray in Banana Leaves, sambals aplenty!!!

    Glutinous Rice Kueh & Crunchy Peanut Pancakes!

    Here is Roti Chanai & Kebab

    Fermented Glutinous Rice Kuehs & Rendangs......

    Nasi Ayam & Fried Keropok (I like this chewy fish cake)

    Yu Char Kway & Colourful Ice Drinks

    Curry Puffs, Kueh Kelapa & more kuehs

    Kueh Keria, Salat, Apom and never ending kuehs galores!!!

    I like the Kueh Kelapa (Coconut cake, topped with dessicated coconut, chewy in the middle and tasted machamp coconut pie)

    This is the best local tea I had.....sampling some ice cold drinks with side orders while in Kuching...The Bazzar sells delicious ice kachang, chendol, ABC Special, white lady, matterhorn and the list goes on....one thing common about this is they are thirst quenchers, sweet as well as creamy. Special durian iced is also available during the durian fruit season.
    As compared to Geyland Serai.....nothing beats this nostalgic, Hari Raya festive mood, the many array of yummy Malaysian delights, the bakar of fish to ayam, kuehs, curries to drinks.....I love this festive Bazaar, kampong style!

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    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Kuching Sarawak Laksa

    This is the popular Sarawak Laksa.....laksas everywhere in M'sia but none as distinctive as Kuching's Sarawak Laksa. This is one of Kuching's signature dishes. Rice vermicelli in a spicy prawn broth from the secret recipes of olden day kitchens can be magical to the palate.

    Laksa is served in a bowl with egg, prawn, chicken & a dash of coriander for colour. A side dish of lime and belachan is often served with it. Squeeze the lime into the belachan and mix it in....its definitely sure to add a ZING!

    Popiah on the right..........yums, great with Laksa

    Kuching laksa is very different from our Singapore laksa....my verdict: it tasted more like curry mee, with lesser santan. Instead of the usual chilli paste, sambal belachan was added. Ingredients not included are cockles, tau pok, laksa leaves.

    A must try if you are in Kuching......I was told that Madam Tang serves the best Kuching Laksa?

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    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Kek Lapis.....Kuching Style....Sights to Behold!!!

    Beautiful handicrafts of Kuching & Seashells decorative ornaments

    After taking a nice leisure stroll along the Kuching Waterfront, we headed to the Main Bazaar. This is the oldest street in Kuching, dating back to 1864.

    Historically, tin smiths and carpenters also congregated here. Today, it is known as Kuching's antique & handicraft street. This is the place to be if you are looking for interesting souvenirs to bring home and Kek Lapis!!

    The Sarawakians are definitely creative in decorating the kek lapis!
    You can try the assorted flavours of Kek Lapis....

    I bought the Cheese & Chocolate Lapis.....SEDAP!!!

    From left: Watermelon, some Ikat design (crisscrossing mat design), pandan, Horlick flavour

    I was mesmerised by the unique, interesting and delicious layer cakes in the Main Bazaar....The unique & beautiful cakes comes with all types of design possible, all carefully layered in a rainbow of colours, a sight to behold and a pleasure when it melts in your mouth!!!

    Making these cakes are not easy....being a baker myself, these cakes are a labour of love & quality control......

    Since Hari Raya is around the corner....these cakes are just right for your guests or great tea cakes for other special events......one loaf is approx M$20.

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 11:17 PM 2 comments

    Kolo Mee & Cha

    After picking the trio from the Kuching airport, William brought us to this Kolo Mee stall for lunch. He ordered 4 different types of noodles for us to try..............

    I like this thick bee hoon soup, immersed with some Chinese wine & topped with egg, some Chinese preserved vegetables, pork & liver
    On your left is the pork liver soup......and dark soya sauce noodle
    The popular Konlo Mee & Char Siew Noodle
    My favourite of the day - Kwong Ping (A Foochow tea snacks)
    3 tier Tea Si & kopi......simply divine!

    This is the absolute staple for the noodle enthusiast in Kuching! The oldest & most traditional of selections for eating out, Kolo Mee is made of egg noodles (fresh boiled) and served in a bowl of fragrant pork oil, garlic, shallots, minced pork & slices of BBQ pork (Char Siew). It is often served with clear soup & a side compliment of freshly cut chillies soaked in vinegar or light sauce.
    You can have the noodles with wontan or go funky with Kolo Mee in red pork sauce, black vinegar, chilli sauce or even black soy sauce. The original Kolo Mee is the yellow round noodles. Thick bee hoon, flat noodles, kueh tiao, curly noodles - they all taste FABULOUS!!!!

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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    The Junk Restaurant @ Kuching

    The Bakerwoman @ The Kalimantan Border

    Here we are @The Junk for dinner.....

    Cozy dinner with great companions!

    Grilled Salmon & Juicy Sizzling Steak

    Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings with Mashed & Salad

    Greetings from Kuching, Sarawak!

    Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and takes up two-thirds of northern Borneo. Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak and is also the nearest entry point northwest of Borneo.

    The origins of Kuching's name remains a legend today. Although "Kuching" translates into "cat" in Malay, there is a theory where it may actually be a variation of the Indian name "Cochin", meaning "port" as Kuching was first settled by Indian traders who set up base at Santubong.

    The signature dish for this cafe is the Grilled Steak. I love the cozy ambience and late diners started to stream in around 8pm.........Lots of expats diners.

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