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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    7th Storey is BACK!

    Ngoh Hiang with Century Egg
    Hainanese Chap Chye & Succulent Chicken

    Hurray! my favourite Hainanese restaurant is BACK!
    Remember having your steamboat in the previous 7th Storey outlet in Bugis?
    They are back in Purvis Street and the steamboat is now located in Marina Barrage!
    There are presently 5 Chicken Rice stalls in Purvis Street - in fact they should be naming Hainan Street! Majority of the restaurants in Purvis are owned by Hainanese and chicken rice seemed to be the speciality alongst this road.......
    Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea & Dinner in Purvis Street.........great for yummy delights & typical Hainanese Kopi!

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    Roti John

    Craved for Roti John - its minced meat in egg, onions in a baguette......Roti John is best eaten hot & crispy.......shiok with chilli sauce!

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    Greenview Cafe in Far East Plaza, Level 4

    This is one of my favourite - Bee Hoon, Hor Fun style........generous portions of fish, vegetables, squids and fish cakes were added to it.....

    There are several yummy dishes served here.....Wanton Soup, Prawn fritters, Fried Beehoon/Mee Tai Mak, Laksa and fish soup. Do try thier tea time specials like spring rolls, Fried Nian Gao & steamed yam cakes!

    They are closed on Sundays!

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    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Marble Muffins.....

    Marble muffins for afternoon tea...........

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    Fish Curry, Indian Style......

    Hmmmmm, fish curry with papadums and rice is heavenly.......Ikan kurau (Threadfin) is used for this fish curry.......

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    Crispy Fried Chicken (with chilli & tumeric)

    My kids love ayam goreng (fried chicken) and for this recipe, I've marinated the chicken with turmeric, fresh chilli, salt, corn flour and fish sauce......great with nasi lemak or on its own.

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    Friday, March 05, 2010

    Turkish Cuisine in Suntec

    Minced Chicken with Pita Bread
    Lamb Kebab, butter rice

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    Paulaner Brauhaus.........

    My light brew.....
    Hmmmm, love that Sauerkraut

    My all time favourite, Crispy Pork Knuckle!

    Hmmm, pork knuckle by the wagon.....

    Fries, pork schnitzel

    German Apple Strudel


    Platter of fruits.....

    Puffs & Swiss Roll
    TGIF in Paulaner Brauhaus with colleagues......

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    Ngoh Hiang

    This ngoh hiang is delicious.......tried this in Ion Foodcourt.......$12 for this meal!

    It comprises of (from left) century egg & preserved ginger, pork sausage, fried yam roll, fish cakes, prawn fritters, cucumber & fried bean curd skin......not forgetting the chilli and starch.

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    Ox Tail Goulash.....

    OxTail Goulash topped with sour cream
    I love Goulash, with lots of sour cream.......and cilantro.
    A great one dish meal with rice for dinner!
    Soup puts the heart at ease,
    calms down the violence of hunger,
    eliminates the tension of the day
    and awakens and refines the appetite!

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    Gift from Godma....Tea Strainer & Yorkshire Gold Tea

    A lovely tea set gift from Godma, Irene........... from Canada.
    Thanks, we've been enjoying afternoon tea and crumplets over the weekend!

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