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    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Bebek Bengil - Dirty Duck Diner, Ubud

    The Restaurant faces its lush greeneries of padi fields

    Banana Smoothie Crispy Duck Orange Salad
    Nasi Campur Bebek Gado Gado - Indonesian Salad
    (satay Lilit, crispy duck, veg, rendang)

    This sambal is awesome! All time favourite - Bebek Bengil

    Creamy mashed potatoes and not PREMIX!!!

    This crispy duck is so crispy that you can eat the bones.....the restaurant has its own padi or rice field within its premises.....

    Food servings are just right for one pax.....my total lunch - Rupiah 378.840.....yummy and contented!!!

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    Saranam Eco Resort

    Reservation for The Bakerwoman Desserts & kuehs

    Fresh Garden Vegetables........

    Quoted from the brochure: "Replenish yr lungs with the cool tropical mountain fresh air, sooth your mind with the musical notes of the river rippling by; feast your sights on breathtaking views as far as the eyes can see......."

    The resort is located in Pacung, Baturiti village on the main road to Bedugul resort area in the regency at the central part of Bali. It covers an area of 20,000 sq surrounded by terraced rice fields, with year round temperature of 18-24 deg celsius.
    There are villas available for rental from US$75 to US$150....inclusive of breakfast.
    Nusa Dua to Saranam Resort is approx 2.5hrs by car..... The Bakerwoman is enjoying her cuppa of Balinese kopi, admiring the beautiful scenic landscape which Singapore lacks........

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    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Shopping and Adios Bali......

    A Surfer Girl Tee for niece RipCurl Sale - 60% off for swimwear

    Silver Pendants from Ubud
    Colourful hand crafted seashells in Lovina Beach

    Beautiful Sunset in Lovina Seashells for mermaids?
    My love for Bali will never stop here.......am definitely heading back to the island of the Gods again in September.........
    Next trip to Bali, I would love to explore the wonders, the real & most exotic part of Bali by 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) jungle jeep adventure tour, Fishing, Para Gliding, more surfing & residing in Safaris.
    I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for dropping by.

    Lastly, I would like to say a big "Thank You" to Jimmy Hendrix - our friendly guide & driver, who are always cheerful and making our trips unforgettable.......Terima Kasih banyak ;)

    The Bakerwoman

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    Bedugul, Bali

    Bali Fashion

    Mr Bat was not a friendly bat! Erks, Josh & Mr Python!

    Mr Iguana.......who's a vegan Captivating shots of Lake & Ulun Danu

    Spices.....adores the colourful combination

    Hmmmm, finger lickin good durian - better than the Malaysian harvested durians....

    Bedugul Fruit/Vegetable Market

    On the way to Bedugul, we took some scaly shots with the reptiles.....I was told that Balinese love eating bats, rabbits and dogs....erks!

    Captivating, beautiful panorama of Buyan Lake & Tambligan Lake.....You can see white clouds coming down the mountain one after the other.....nice cooling climate.

    In Bedugul, most of the vendors are Muslims.......I like Bedugul for its aplenty of fruits and vegetables selections!

    Fresh garden vegetables just great for salads, gado gado and vegetable/fruit concoction!

    Also available, Rabbit satay in the corner coffee shop.....erks! Fancy eating the poor rabbits??

    Rabbits for sale

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    Taman Nadi Agrotourism, Gianyar, Bali

    Kopi Bali Employees of Taman Nadi roasting & harvesting kopi (kopi means coffee), the traditional Balinese way Coffee Roasting

    Luwak & fresh cherry coffee berries
    This is Luwak - a nocturnal animal which consumes fresh coffee berries @night

    Excretion from Luwak - which will be cleaned & considered the rarest gourmet coffee

    Coffee Beans & coffee roasting

    Ending my tour, I ordered Luwak kopi with cinnamon stick, 30 000 Rupiah

    Kopi Luwark are robusta or arabica coffee beans which consumed by and passed through the digestive tract of Luwak.
    Luwak belongs to the Mongoose family and this animal are responsible for the creation of Luwak Kopi.......Luwak kopi has unique flavours. They can only be found in the islands of Java & Sulawesi. Long regarded by the natives as pests, they climb amongst the coffee trees eating only the ripest, reddest coffee cherries.
    The Luwak then excrete and locals gathered the beans, which comes through the digestion process fairly intact. It is known that the enzymes in the Luwak's stomach, add something unique to the kopi's flavour through fermentation.
    If you are heading to Bali, you should try Kopi Luwak - its worth the try as its something rare and exotic which you'll never get to taste in Singapore!

    Cinnamon Tree

    Cinnamon Tree Bark
    Cinnamon sticks for curries, cuppuccino, stews....

    Fresh Vanilla Pod

    This is the pure Vanilla Essence which I bought in Taman Nadi (guaranteed no artificial ingredients were added)

    Ribena or Rosella Fower - harvested and known as the herbal tea drink

    Fresh Cocoa - it actually tasted like Soursop!

    Spices galores!
    Packet includes: Saffron, White/Black Pepper, Coriander, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Clove, Cumin, Anise & NutMeg

    I like this gift pack of: Ginger Tea (Teh Halia), Lemon Tea & Coffee Ginseng!

    Ending the interesting tour, we were given some tea & kopi for tasting:
    Bali kopi, Lemon tea with sugarcane, Ginger Tea, Ginseng kopi, Cocoa
    Am sharing our experiences in Bali with this wonderful tour to the Taman Nadi Agrotourism farm. Since I love coffee, we headed to the coffee plantation which suprisingly farm other interesting herbs, teas, spices, Cocoa etc.....

    It is a knowledgeable tour for children to see how coffee & cocoa were harvested and processed.....Most of the vegetation are organic and no harmful pesticide were used.
    We had an enjoyable and meaningful trip to Taman Nadi.
    A trip not to be forgotten and the friendly staff who patiently explained and answered to all our queries.

    To end my tour, we had coffee, cocoa & tea tastings.........I've also purchased some spices, coffee powder and mementos to remember our fun and enriching trip!

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