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    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    SuperDog @ E-Hub, Pasir Ris


    Superdog Philosophy?


    My arty Latte (love the clover design)


    Bratwurst Hotdog
    Beef Dog
    I yearned to eat hot dog yesterday - and a pity that A&W had ceased its operations here in Singapore. Used to love their root beer over a scoop of vanilla ice cream - hmm yummy! I remembered during my childhood days were spent over the weekends in A&W Kallang!
    Luckily, there are several hotdog outlets around.....SuperDog is a nice cozy place to have your "Dog" with fries. The Latte was surprisingly served in a glass rather than a styrofoam cup (I hate cuppa served in styrofoam cups - really bad for yr body, with the wax accumulation).
    An enjoyable Saturday evening with my family!!!

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    Beef Goulash


    A scoop of sour cream in my beef goulash soup!


    I love beef goulash soup! Since 2 weeks I last had my beef goulash soup was in The Soup Spoon.

    I don't usually cook on weekends because I've been cooking from Mon-Fridays! Mike, my hubby cooks on the weekends for the family and I've requested to have Beef Goulash (the nice windy evening is just right for a nice bowl of good soup and garlic toasted baguette to go along with it).

    The beef from Cold Storage was very tender and soup was cooked in the slow cooker for 3 hrs (they produce the most wonderful and well developed flavours)! Mike added beef cubes, celery, potatoes, carrot, onion and lots of black pepper to it!!! Simple wholesome!!!!

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    Mr Teh Tarik Cartel, Tiong Bahru Plaza


    You've tried mee goreng, this is the maggi mee version.......nice texture as it was not soggy....spongy and delicious!!!

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    Serangoon Gardens Hawker Centre


    Fong Kee Handmade sliced noodle

    Leng Kee Mutton Soup - with tendon, bone


    Curry Chicken Noodle

    We had not been to the Serangoon Gardens area lately - reason, being traffic congestion and parking difficulty. Since I am so greedy and thinking about the freshly baked bread and cocktail buns, we headed for lunch on Sunday.

    As usual, we waited for 20mins to get a car park lot....thankfully a mere 20mins....!!!

    The hawker centre was packed with lunch crowds at 2pm!!

    What is good there? The stalls selling western food (esp pork chop is good), Fong Kee handmade noodles, Kway Chap, Roti John, Char Kwey Teow, freshly baked buns & kopis are yummy!!!

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    Casuarina Prata Shop



    Thanks to all who had dropped by to my blog.....due to technical problem in Blogger, I was unable to upload several updates......

    Last Friday, we headed to the Thomson area and had Thosai, Chicken curry & my favourite prata (onion & egg). The service had improved tremendously and the Indian staffs were very friendly. They can memorised all the orders without taking out their pen & notepads!!!

    chicken curry

    Chicken Curry
    My egg & onion prata
    Yes, don't forget that cup of Teh Halia after a wonderful evening of curries!
    Friday is a special day of the week, its time for me to have a wonderful evening with my family - where we wound the evening updates on kids and what to do's for Sat & Sundays!!!

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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Buffet @ The Green House, Ritz Carlton Millenia

    Lets start with salads (I love sun dried tomatoes & shredded cheese).......with vinaigrette dressing

    My cheese platter - Camembert, Grueye & Brie cheeses with dried apples, apricots & mini baguette
    I love breads & bread sticks

    Sushi (tuna, salmon, octopus & california maki)
    My platter of sushis, keropok & black pepper crab!
    Sweet sour prawn, beef rib, kai lan stir fried in wolf berries!! simply delightful!!!

    Oysters were very fresh (I've added lots of lemon juice & tabasco sauce), saffron rice, mutton & beef curries and not forgetting my papadums!!

    more oysters for me & tuna carpaccio

    pretty scallop!

    The array of dessertsHmm, sinful chocolate ice cream & raspberry sorbet!!! topped with almond flakes & marshmellow

    Don't forget to have a good cup of freshly brewed coffee to go with your cakes!!!
    My fruit platter.........Jackfruit, rock melon, guava, strawberries, dragon fruit!!

    More ice cream choices & crepes available!!!

    Wow, 2 days of wondrous dinner with friends!! Dined with my friend, NOR in The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton (buffet: $68 nett) for a wonderful dinner buffet last night.
    Price may be costlier as compared to other hotels but items featured were EXCELLENT!!! If you enjoy sashimi, Jap cuisine....this is the place to have girly get-togethers or a celebration.
    The Quartet was performing whilst I glanced at the buffet counter for more yummy galores - they were playing "Winter Sonata" theme song (the ever popular Korean series featuring Bae Yong Jun).........be entertained whilst you enjoy your palette!!!
    From Starters, Appetizers to Salads (more than 6 varieties of salad dressings), bread selections (hmmm, focaccia bread, mini baguettes, croissants to wholemeal loaves), sashimi platter, sushi counter, Northern Indian cuisine (for curries & naan), with more than 15 main dishes, cheese platter & dessert galores.............tea/coffee is included for this buffet (can opt for double expresso or cuppucinno).........
    I had a tad too much from this buffet and felt bloated towards the end of my meal......greed!!!
    What a wonderful and contented meal, ending with a good hot cup of freshly brewed coffee!!!
    The buffet spread is equivalent to the items served in The Line, Shangri-la Hotel! 5 stars for The Greenhouse for their sumptous buffet spread & attentive service staff!!! - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH ON SUNDAYS!!!

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    Nectarie @ Clarke Quay

    Oreo Cheesecake

    After a hearty meal @ Cafe Iguana, we headed to Nectarie for our dessert & coffee.
    Home made ice cream, cakes and desserts were served here. We had Americano coffee served with a mini macaroon.

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    Cafe Iguana @ Riverside Point, Mexican Cuisine

    Platos - Stewed pork served with tortillas, sour cream & rice
    I love Margaritas - this is my favourite, pink guava!

    Quesadillas - flour tortillas filled with cheese, mushrooms & grilled chicken
    Met my ex-schoolmate for dinner @ Clarke Quay. Since she had not tried the Mexican cuisine, we headed to Cafe Iguana for a nice cozy dinner by the Singapore River.
    What is dinner without a glass of margaritas and a bowl of taco chips dipped in salsa sauce!
    I preferred the Mexican cuisine served in Chico's N Charlie's in Liat Towers (in the 80s & 90s, but no longer in operations), the ambience was so Mexican, decorated with lots of Pinatas (A piñata is a brightly-colored papier-mâché, cardboard, or clay container, originating from Mexico, and filled with any combination of candy, small fruit, food items, and toys).
    Another popular dish is Chimichanga/and the popular Burritos!

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    The Soup Spoon

    The beef goulash topped with sour cream was delicious (but I had forgotten to snap a picture of the soup). Had the tuna sandwich for dinner @ ION Orchard.

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    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    FishNchicks, next to Sembawang Shopping Centre

    Beef & Vegetables soup, served with rice

    Beef Claypot Horfun

    Sirloin Steak
    After my weekly swimming workout, I headed to FishNchicks........this restaurant is Halal and serves both local/western delights.
    The beef soup is shiok and belachan is served for the dip......price is pretty reasonable too....give it a try......its away from the hustle n bustle of Orchard, try dropping by Sembawang Shopping Ctr!

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    The Wonton Story, Bugis Junction Basement 1

    I had a craving for Xiao Long Pau..........had these in Bugis Junction, hand made by Shanghainese chefs......also had the szechuan La mien.

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    Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    Ice Cream in City Link

    Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream with whipped cream, sliced bananas, marshmellows in waffle cone

    Pick your choice of topping for your ice cream!!!
    I had the most sinful dessert after lunch in City Link!!! Well, I love ice cream, especially chocolate, green tea, rum & raisin, blueberry...........
    For $6.50, its pretty costly - I had Belgium chocolate, topped with sliced bananas, whipped cream and marshmellows, in waffle cone.......gulped down within 15 mins!!!

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    Lion City Hotel (Teochew Porridge/Nasi Lemak Buffet)

    My platter of nasi lemak condiments from the buffet

    My favourite - braised pork trotters & hard boiled egg (tee kar si yu)

    Teochew porridge side dishes - salted egg, stir fried mustard leaves, steamed egg, braised chicken feet & kiam chye (salted vegetables)Dessert - good home cooked green bean soup
    Decided to try the Lion City Hotel 2 in 1 buffet of Teochew porridge & Nasi Lemak as advertised in the papers. Do not judge the hotel by their ratings - economical price/hotel does not mean they are lousy, surprisingly it was better than the Garden Hotel buffets!!!
    The buffet are pretty reasonable @$15 per adult for dinner. I love Teochew porridge & its condiments (simple & appetizing). You'll get pig trotters, chicken feet, kiam chye, chye poh omelette etc.....plus good ole chilli sauce.
    You can also try the nasi lemak buffet - shiok & sedap! Their fried chicken were crispy, ikan kuning were fried to its perfection, fried long beans, ladies fingers, omelette etc.......makan till you burp!!
    For desserts, nice green bean soup (Just like home made) & fruit platter. Coffee/Tea is also included....
    Do call for reservations before heading to Lion City Hotel!!!
    The weekdays semi buffet is also available for less than $12+++.........so if you are along Joo Chiat, give this hotel a try!

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