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    Monday, January 02, 2012

    Paradise Dynasty @ION Orchard

     I celebrated my birthday in Paradise Dynasty, eating an array assorted Xiao Long Baos (means little basket of buns). 

    To eat Xiao Long Bao, pick it up carefully at the tip with your chopstick, dip it in the sauce and put it onto your soup spoon. Try not to break it up as there are some hot soup and marinated meat (usually minced pork) inside the delicately-folded thin skin.  Do not rush the whole bao into your mouth as it is very hot and could scald your tongue.

    The buns are usually served with a saucer of shredded ginger dipped in black rice vinegar. 

    This restaurant has been reknown for their la mian (handmade noodles) & xiao long bao.  Altogether, they come in eight colours, each one representing a unique flavour and my favourite is the pink xiao long bao, Szechuan (its flavours of chilli oil & peppercorns). 

     Left:  Spicy Beef La Mian & Right:  Pan Fried Guo Tie

    My favourite dessert?  The soufflĂ© egg white balls with red bean and banana filling, simply delightful with your Chinese Pu Er Cha.........

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