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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Roast Leg of Lamb, Baked Beef/Pork Sausages, Salads & Pasta

    It was my Dad's 66th birthday on 21st March - Mike prepared Pa's favourite - Lamb!
    Pasta, baked beef/pork sausages, salads, soto ayam and black forest cake were added to the dinner table.
    Glad everyone enjoyed the food and a good cuppa!

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    Corn Beef Croquette Pie

    It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, since I had a few potatoes and some leftovers corn beef, why not have croquette pies for lunch?

    Besides the above, I like Mos Burgers Croquette Pie - the Japanese way! ;)

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    Fish in Taucheo Sauce

    Being a fussy lady - I can't stand some certain types of fish - either they have a very fishy or really stinks - I stick on to my Ikan Kurau.
    I like this fish - be it steamed or fried, you'll never get the fishy smell....I like this taucheo style with lots of garlic, cilantro and spring onion.

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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Mike's Crispy & Aromatic Cajun chicken wings

    Mike's cajun chicken wings
    The kids love chicken wings!! It as a lazy Sunday evening and Mike decided to bake the chicken wings instead of frying and messying the kitchen.
    We had fries to go along with the wings.....not forgetting some tabasco sauce and a can of Stella Artois!!! Glurp!!!

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    Prata & Mutton curry

    Mutton Curry
    Frozen pratas
    Since I'm in the mood to cook the mutton curry, I suggested to my family that we shall have pratas to go with it.....instead of the usual rice. I bought the ChinaTown brand by TihYih chia.
    Nice and fluffy......not too bad for frozen pratas - better than some of the food court pratas I swear!!

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    Beef with Bean Curd & Broccoli by Chef Wan

    Olive Rice
    Beef with bean curd & Broccoli

    This meal is nutritious and I've added olive rice to go with the dish.

    I like Chef Wan's for his great sense of humour......and this book was given to me by my maternal grams. Thumbs up for this dish as its easily prepared and its also great for a one dish meal!

    Here is the cook book by chef Wan.

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    Monday, March 16, 2009


    Love having my wonton dipped in light sauce and lots of chilli padi

    I made these dumplings for my children.
    Minced pork, water chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, minced prawns and cilantro were added to the wontons.
    As for the stock, I've added ikan bilis and yellow beans.......sometimes I add chye sim, sliced char siew and lots of fried shallots in it! Simple and healthy soup!

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    Using a large nozzle to "pump" the puff pastry
    Here are the durian fillings mixed with fresh cream and gelatine

    Since I had some fresh cream and frozen durian pulps, I made some durian puffs.

    Refrigerate it and its perfect for a nice afternoon tea or desserts, sprinkle some icing sugar over it. Yummy!!!

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    Mutton curry

    My daughter helped me to egg wash the curry puffs
    Decided to baked some curry puffs for tea.

    I had added minced mutton, diced potatoes and eggs for the stuffing. Pastry = short crust pastry and egg washed before baking.

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    Udon Noodles & Vietnamese coffee in Liang Court

    I had Vietnamese coffee in Trung Nguyen (the aroma was fantastic), condense milk was added to it.

    Salmon Udon

    Spicy pork Udon
    I enjoy shopping for Japanese groceries in Meidi-ya, Liang Court.
    Prior to that, my daughter craves to have her favourite Udon.......so we had the Spicy pork, salmon, pork cutlet and kim chi udon.....in the Udon Restaurant at the basement.
    I'm a coffee lover......and headed to the new Vietnamese coffee joint, Trung Nguyen. Pretty costly for a cuppa at $7.50 per cup (for 3/4 a cup and you have to be patient for the coffee to drip)....at least a mere 15 mins.......the pastries in this joint sucks..........trust me ;(

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    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Braised Wild Boar Meat

    This is another delicacy which I adores!!! Wild Boar meat - braised (my hubby bought it in Bugis Street market).....the meat is very tender and I like the soft bones or cartrilige, dipped with their prepared vinegar chilli sauce.....its yummy with lots of cilantro........

    I heard that Malaysians love to cook this delicacy in curry too!!!

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    Fried Mee Tai Mak

    This is another simple to prepare dish - fried mee tai mak!!

    My kids love the fried or soupy mee tai mak!

    For the fried version, I would add chye poh to it......with garlic, julienne the carrots, french beans, fish cake, taugeh. Fish sauce is added and topped with omelette and lots of fried shallots.....not forgetting sliced chilli padi.........

    As for the soupy version - I would use the yellow beans & ikan bilis stock - fish balls, fish cake, minced pork with tang chye and shitake mushrooms.....lots of chye sim........for garnishes you can add fried garlic and sliced chilli (or belachan).

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    Kueh Bahkoh or Nian Kow

    I like Kueh Bahkoh (the Lunar New Year glutinous rice cake) - be it fried - sandwiched with yam slices or steamed with grated coconut.......simply sedap for tea time with chinese tea or a cup of hot Ocha (Japanese green tea).

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    The art of popiah making....I had lots of chilli added to it!!
    Another of my favourite is Popiah - its healthy and enjoyable (if its DIY) - hands on and see if you can roll a perfect spring roll!
    The only hassle is to shred the turnips - the other condiments would be minced hard boiled eggs, lettuce, sweet sauce, fried garlic or raw minced garlic, prawns, chilli sauce.

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    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Lunch buffet @ The Equinox

    A nice view from the 70th floor, overlooking the upcoming yet to complete, Integrated Resort of Singapore
    An array of desserts

    My palette of desserts - a must haves after a nice meal and not forgetting a nice cuppa!

    This was my main course: Confit of duck and mashed.

    From the wagon: Foi Gras (goose liver) pan smeared with truffle sauce.....

    Continued from the dessert selections......


    Appetizers from my plate.....the oysters were very fresh and I like a dash of tabasco n lots of lemon

    Seafood - Hokkaido crabs were also available

    More appetizers

    Cheese selections

    I love the panaromic view - you can see the Singapore Flyer and East Coast Beach
    These were taken in January this year - my generous Japanese boss took all out for a sumptuous lunch in The Equinox, The Plaza.
    Heh, I recommended this buffet to him as the ambience was cozy with a great view of Singapore and its sumptous spread of delicacies.......buffet lunch @ S$65 nett. (you can choose yr main course and its a semi buffet.
    Here are some facts which you may find more about the restaurant:

    Equinox Restaurant
    Upon entering Equinox, be mesmerised by the panoramic views of Singapore and the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Be captivated by the impressive three-storey, 165-seat, amphitheatre-style restaurant that emphasizes simple yet bold design elements: four three-storey-high teak and rice-paper lanterns, suspended Ming-inspired wooden trellis and a luminous, floor-to-ceiling wall of mother-of-pearl make simply stunning statements.
    To complement the extraordinary decor, Equinox heightens the dining experience with either authentic Western or Asian cuisine - the best of East and West. The menu has been designed to offer an abundance of choice so that diners can enjoy a varied and multidimensional culinary experience.

    Location: Level 70, Equinox Complex, SwissĂ´tel The Stamford

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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Cupcakes Galores.........

    I've made these assorted designs - cream cheese cupcakes
    Strawberry Polenta - for my friend's baby shower

    Especially for my hubby, Mike
    I enjoy baking cupcakes during leisure as it gives me time to explore with colours, design and fillings. To-date, I've baked marble, banana, cream cheese, strawberry polenta, orange, banana walnut and chocolate cupcakes.

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    X'mas 2008!

    This was X'mas 2008, which I had no time to update, simply because I've been into FaceBook. In this picture, I've baked my own creation of Durian Logcake! My guests love it!!!

    Our first home baked turkey - my hubby, Mike who was previously a chef in a French restaurant did a remarkable job!!! The meat was succulent, juicy and stuffing was awesome!!!

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    I learnt to cook this simple meal during my home economics class whilst I was in Secondary School. Its called Wall of China (mashed potatoes and minced beef fillings with mixed vegetables). Simple and easy to prepare especially when you want a hassle free meals for the kids!!

    Simply nutritious and easy!!

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    Local savouries from Singapore - Durian crepes, Murtabak , Teh Halia!!!

    Durian Breakfast indulgences in Goodwood Park Hotel - their durian crepes & Strudel are heavenly!!

    This is mutton chop from our local popular murtabak cafe, Zam Zam in Arab Street.

    Murtabak - crepes with minced mutton/chicken/sardine, sandwiched with sliced onion, served with cucumber salad & curry
    I had dinner with some ex-colleagues and they wanted to eat murtabak. We headed to the popular restaurant in Arab Street, reknown for their pratas and Indian Muslim delights. Mee Goreng, nasi goreng, mutton soup were also served in this restaurant.....hey, and not forgetting the Teh Halia or Terik (ginger tea). Masala tea also available!!!

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