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    Saturday, December 25, 2010

    What is Nasi Lemak without Ikan Kuning?

    This is my typical nasi lemak selections.....from The Bakerwoman

    This is the must haves in my nasi lemak....sambal petai

    Nasi Lemak.......home cooked and sedap......these should fulfill a few requisites: quality, texture, flavors, and, of course, the right ingredients. This is definitely a legendary dish.

    Why queue to buy a plate of nasi lemak in Changi Village when you can have the best @home?

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 3:10 PM 1 comments

    Norjana's @ Siglap Centre

     My aunt from Malaysia was in town and we brought her to Norjana's for their infamous Oxtail Hor Fun........sedap and served in Opeh leaf.

    Stir fried hor fun or Hokkien noodles served in opeh leaf tastes better.  
     Oxtail Hor Fun (HALAL)

    Siput Sedut Masak Lemak

    This is another famous lemak (Lemak means cookin in Santan, coconut milk) dish, which my aunty Lillian adores!!!

    (aka Balitong, a kind of sea snail) – a spicy and savoury dish that was more of a appetizer for her.
    The snails had their ‘tails’ removed, revealing a small opening where the flesh would be sucked out.

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    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Festive Special - Oatmeal Cookies

    Pre Baked Oatmeal cookies....

    I love oatmeal.......nutritious, cruchy and full of goodness!!!

    Specially packed for my angels.....
    Christmas is in the air......give love this special day....oatmeal cookies with love....

    Amanda Bradley once said,
    "Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living."

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 10:13 PM 4 comments

    Pig Trotter in Black Vinegar - Confinement Diet

    Old Ginger is added to this special confinement meal

    A well deserved pampering for my dear colleague, Esther

    This is one of the usual confinement food - the black vinegar is said to purify blood and cleanses the arteries of stale blood.  Brown sugar in this dish rids dampness in the body, Sesame Oil - promotes blood circulation. Collagen in the pig trotters - to strengthen joints and ligaments and not forgettng the eggs - to nourish the body...

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 9:59 PM 2 comments

    Homemade Fish Maw

    Fish Maw before it is deep fried
    Looks like keropok after its deep fried....
    Added the fish maw to my mixed soup
    I love fish maw.....this fish maw was homemade by my colleague, Jenny.

    This is ikan kurau's fish maw.....I've added dried scallops, pork ribs, fish balls, white lettuce, tau kee (bean curd skin & fish maw to this delightful wholesome soup!

    Special thanks to Jenny.......

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    Cawaii Koohii Pte Ltd @ Funan DigitalLife Mall

     Spotted a new Anime, CosPlay cozy cafe......Ice Cream sandwich dessert....I opted for Green Tea, Strawberry & Chocolate.....the kawaii (as in cute in Japanese) hostess decorated my waffles, I think its a kawaii turtle.......

    The kawaii table.....

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 9:34 PM 0 comments

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