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    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    Peony-Jade Restaurant, Clarke Quay

    The Bakerwoman and her makan khakis headed to Clarke Quay for a traditional Szechuan/Cantonese cuisine in a truly elegant and contemporary setting........Yes, Peony Jade Restaurant!

    Its definitely a perfect location for our ladies afternoon cozy gathering!

    We were greeted by the plush, red carpeted stairs, as one weaves up the romantic, candlelit stairway to the restaurant.

    The restaurant offers "All you can eat a-la-carte buffet of 50 dishes" @$28.80+++ 

     For starters, we had tim sum

     We all loved this custard pow - look at the oozing salted egg custard?  Triple shiok when it melts in your mouth!

     Freshly made Siew Mai and Shark's Fin Soup (I love it with lots of black vinegar)

     Deep Fried Fresh Scallop with Shredded Taro in Mango Puree

     Abalone in Mango Sauce & Sliced Fillet of Smoked Duck with Szechuan Hot & Sour Sauce

     Deep Fried Garoupa & Jellyfish Salad

     Baked Kurobuta Pork Spare Ribs in Grandma's Homemade Sauce & Braised Clam Salad
     Another of my Szechuan favourites - Swee & Sour Soup, on the right is KungPo Ostrich Meat with Dried Chillies

    What is Chilli Crab without the Fried ManTou??? Yummilicious! 

     Another popular Cantonese dish - Braised Fish Maw & Sea Cucumber and Wasabi Prawns

     Deep Fried EggPlant

    The girlies enjoyed the sumptous lunch and headed to TCC for coffee........

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    Saturday, October 09, 2010

    Eating Tulang.....take away (Da Bao) from Beach Road Hawker Centre

    Another alternative to suck the marrow - using a straw!
    Its definitely "Finger Lickin Good!"
    Joshua's enjoying the tulang....its best to eat it @home!

    Look @ the tulang - tendon and bones all cleaned up!!!
    We love eating Tulang - Tulang means bones in Malay.....the above is mutton tulang, stewed in Mamak spicy tomato sauce.

    Some people may say it looks disgusting, embarrassing to eat tulang with your bare hands in public - your mouth will also be plastered with the thick red gravy.....Also, you've gotta really lick and suck off the bone & cartilage!

    Every tulang lovers know the basic rule - NEVER EAT TULANG IN WHITE, you'll end up in a red spotty shirt!

    We enjoyed eating "roti pranchese (French Loaves)" dipped with the tulang soup.......simply divine!!!

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    Sunday, October 03, 2010

    First Thai Food, Purvis Street

    Thai Fish Cake with Dips
    Mags Galores.......
    Chicken Feet Salad
    Fried Belachan Rice
    Thai Fish Cake

    Thai Mango Salad

    Go early if you are heading to First Thai for dinner on weekends!

    Diners started to stream in at about 6.30pm.........I was greeted by my favourite mags on the dining table....a Travel & Fashion magazines...they kept me entertained whilst waiting for our food.

    I had never tried Belachan rice before - they concocted something similar from the Thunder Rice - a mixture of ikan bilis, chilli padi, pork floss, cucumber slices and peanuts.

    I love the chicken feet salad ........very spicy and sedap!

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    Fish Steamboat, Tampines

    The Bakerwoman craves for the tradition fish slice steamboat with yam!

    The stock was superb - you can choose the different types of fishes (garoupa, white promfret, snakehead or taman)......I opted for garoupa because it has no fishy smell!

    The Ngoh Hiang was awesome!  Yums!

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