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    Sunday, May 06, 2012

    Pizzeria Nerone - Rome

    Lip smacking pizza perfection!  The pizza are so delicious that you probably won't want to share yours!

     Like gin & tonic, cheese & biscuits, apple pie & cream, pizza & beer is a match made in Heaven!  An extensive range of exclusive beers can be ordered by the bottle or by the glass....I love this recommendation by Federico....the pizzeria serves great comfort fodo in a lively setting....

     Federico's recommendations - this is simply a delightful Roman appetizer consisting of Zeppole Fritters & Eggplant/Zucchini, Courgette Flowers stuffed with olives, Mozzarella cheese & Pomicelli

    Classic Neopolitan pizza, coming to you straight from the wood-burning ovens!  Left - Suburra (Mozzarella & Prosciutto) & Right - Boscaiola (sausage)

     I love the traditional Margherita pizza & here's Cin Cin to Federico...Grazie!

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    Rome - Primo Cafe

    Primo Cafe - discover a tasty local treasure!  The terrace offers a good spot for people watching.........´╗┐Lunch @ Primo!  There's a good selection of meat dishes, including roast chicken, lamb & veal with sage leaves.

     A cute waiter with my Caffe Americano & right - Arrosto Di Vitelllo (roast veal)

     Left - Insalata Sicilia (Sicilian salad) & Right - Pollo con Patate (roast chicken)

    Godendo il nostro pranzo la via italiana!

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    Thursday, May 03, 2012

    Authentic Typical Roman Fare that just keeps coming....

    When in Rome do as the Romans do, and that means taking your taste buds and appetite to more great local delights!

     Any time is a good time for a delicious gelato!

    Lunch At Cafe Risorgimenta (near to the Vatican Museum) - we had ham salad & Margherita Pizza
     The Vatican Museum - Feast your eyes on the world's most famous frescoes!

     Dinner at Ristorante Carlo Menta - our 4 course Italian set....

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    Buongiorno Rome!

    Ciao everyone....The Bakerwoman heads to Rome!

     Colosseum - monument to the power and cruelty of ancient Rome.....well known not only as a battleground for gladiators & an icon to the magnificence, power & prestige of ancient Rome, but also for its cruelty, as here thousands of gladiators, criminals & Christians met their violent end.  The Colosseum is a structural & engineering marvel, one of the greatest works of Roman architecture.

     I chanced upon this cozy cafe within walking distance from my hotel in Rome, I Clementini......

     Right - my cappuccino :)

     Left - Agnolotti (Agnolotti pronounced anneeolottee) are Piemontese stuffed pasta, and come in a great many different varieties, some filled with cheese, others meat, and others still meatless), Centre - Mozzarella Bufala Guanciale (with fried bacon, mozzarella cheese, lettuce salad) & Right - Mezza Manica Carbo

    Also from I Clementini, we had salami sandwiches, ´╗┐ Bruschetta & Green Pea soup

     I Clementini Cafe & me enjoying my glass of  Prosecco (its the most famous of Italy's sparkling white wines)

     Here are some memorable glimses of Rome, market & Fountain di Trevi.

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