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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Riverwalk Tandoor @ Golden Landmark Hotel

    I had a cozy Northern Indian Buffet at the Riverwalk Tandoor last week. For only S$14++ per person, it was relatively cheap for dinner.

    The garlic naan was superb - warm, crusty and fluffy!!! I liked the mutton curry and salads.

    As for dessert, its a dissappointment - they were a tad too sweet for me - I had fresh fruits and ordered a cup of Masala Tea (fyi, tea/coffee is not included in this buffet).

    The fruit platter

    Northern Indian dessert - Gulab Jamun (too sweet for me)

    Kashmiri Sago - mixture of fruit cocktail & condensed milk

    I took Tandoori chicken, mutton curry, some lentils & saffron rice from the buffet

    I had 4 of these garlic naans!

    Some salads with mint dressing, mango chutney & papadums

    Yummy mutton curry!

    Tandoori Chicken

    Salads & Dressings
    The restaurant is situated on the pool level - the ambience @ the pool was spectacular in the evening. The outdoors created a nice Balinese resort setting - great to have a glass of wine, coffee by the pool deck. Soccer screenings are also available - so great for khakis get together!!!

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    Tuesday, July 28, 2009


    This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Sapporo Curry, Botejyu @ Vivo City

    Dessert - Green Apple Ice cream & Tofuti (Chocolate & Tofu ice cream)

    This is Tofuti - the white part was rich creamy tofu, I love it!!!

    Japanese Minced Chicken meat curry noodle

    Japanese Pork Curry Noodle

    Tofu salad (I like the miso dressing)
    Amongst the so many shopping malls here in Singapore, I love Vivo City! That's because I can shopped till I dropped here!!! From Forever 21 to Zara-Mango-Club Monaco-River Island-Pull & Bear and the lists just never ends..........
    So after a fruitful shopping spree, I was famished - tried this Japanese Restaurant called Sapporo Curry Yoshimi. Well I never fancy the Jap curry but decided to give this a try......not too bad - I love the Tofu salad which has sesame miso dressing! Something different from the usual thousand island or French dressing.....
    Japs are very creative in their food - try their dessert (as seen above), its very refreshing and yummilicious!!
    This restaurant housed 4 Japs specialities to one - Sapporo Curry Yoshimi, Botejyu (omelette), Ajisen etc).

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    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Mind Cafe, Purvis Street

    Look @ the array of Boardgames - specially brought in from overseas

    Fish & Chips
    Smoked Duck Pasta

    Chicken Cutlet
    Caesar Salad

    I had a good board game with a few of my ex-colleagues in Mind Cafe. The selections of games were aplenty to choose from. If you like playing Boardgames, this is the place to have fun, chilling out and a great time to explore more games other than Monopoly, Genja etc..... - the food served are only average - we had dinner/games in the evening since the package came with a complimentary 2 hrs of games. Caesar Salad and Appertizers are recommended in Mind Cafe.

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    Wednesday, July 08, 2009

    Nasi Lemak & Condiments

    I love the home cooked nasi lemak - pandan, santan aromatic rice. Nothing beats having a great home cooked meal rather than queuing and jostling with the crowds.

    Look at the yummilicious ikan selar, timun (cucumber), omelette and off course nasi lemak with lots of sambal - I've added sambal petai (stinky beans).

    Sorry, I forgot to snap a plate of nasi lemak because I just cant wait to makan my dinner........ I would recommend getting some banana leaves and scoop your nasi lemak on it, shiok with eating your fingers, peeling the ikan selar and topped with lots lots of sambal........sedap!!!

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    Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    Sambal Petai (Stinky Beans)

    This is another sambal which I enjoy eating with Nasi Lemak - Sambal Petai.
    You do have to be careful though, as the day after the petai, everything you excrete has a very pungent and clear petai odor. You can find this sambal in most Nasi Padang stalls here in Singapore. However, not many people like the smell of petai.

    These stinky beans are known to "detox" your body. In the olden days, Malays and Peranakans believed they are good for the kidney. Toxins will be eliminated from your body.

    Petai can be eaten toasted slightly with belachan & prawn paste, with sambal ikan bilis & sambal udang (prawns).

    Warning: before you cook the petai, make sure that you split the bean into two with a paring knife as there are prone to worms burrowing their way into the heart of the petai.

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