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    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Quiche Lorraine

     I used a pie dish for this quiche preparations & home made dough

     I sauteed the onions, leek, bacon, ham, mushrooms & nutmeg.

     Quiche Lorraine - great for tea time!

     A quiche is essentially a rich baked custard, encased in crisp savoury pastry.

    So what is Quiche Lorraine? A quiche is a delicious egg pie with a nice buttery crust.  What is interesting  with the Quiche Lorraine is that you can largely adapt its basis to your own  taste, culture and habits. So people have added all different kind of things in the original quiche and the word quiche is often used among the French food words to refer to any salty tarts.  Another great thing about quiches is that you can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night. But quiches are traditionally eaten in the French culture mainly as French appetizers or starters being part of a lunch or dinner.

    Enjoying my tea time & reading my favourite local magazine on a lazy Sunday.

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    Think Italiano.....Summer Pasta & Vongole

     Left:  Fetta Cheese salad (this is a Greek salad).  Right:  Spaghetti Vongole - A light, seafood pasta dish which is full of flavour. A great meal for any occasion.

     Summer Pasta

    I've been craving for summer pasta and I like the colourful chopped peppers, tomatoes that make it look a party in a bowl!

    Gotta thank my hubby, Chef Mike for the delicious pasta dinner....BUON APPETITO!

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