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    Saturday, October 01, 2011

    Jia Xiang Cai, Sichuan Restaurant in Chinatown

     Stir Fried Lamb, Sichuan style & Sichuan Dan Dan Noodle

    Long Beans with Minced Dried Prawns & Chilli

    Thanks to Luna for this Sichuan dishes recommendations.....

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    Herbs & Spices, Arab Street

     Tandoori Chicken in Focaccia Bread 

     Briyani Rice & Sotong Curry

    Spotted Herbs & Spice cafe whilst shopping in Arab Street.....

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    Indonesian Delights.....Batam

     Sweet & Sour Garoupa fish

     Gong Gong or Sea Snails & Chilli Crabs

    When in Batam, these 2 are my favourites:  Ayam Penyet (Penyet means flattened or squashed chicken.  Its coated with a mixture of turmeric & spices, fried till golden & crisp brown.)  Ayam Penyet is usually served with rice, vegetables & sambal). On the right is  Mee Baksu (Minced Beef Balls)

    Batam is a small island and dining options are amazingly varied.

    Surrounded by tropical waters, seafood remains one of Batam Island's main offerings.

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