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    Saturday, November 28, 2009

    Yusaishoku, Liang Court Shopping Centre

    Sea Bream Sashimi (especially imported from Japan on Fridays only)

    The fish head & bones were deep fried

    Black Pork ShabuMen

    Hiyashi TanTan Men

    Nabeyaki Udon
    We headed to Liang Court Shopping Centre for dinner.........had a sumptuous ramen and fresh sea bream sashimi......the fish was very sweet and fresh. Fishes were imported only on Fridays directly from Japan for their sashimi......
    None of the carcass of the fish was wasted - the chef deep fried the fish head & bones to perfection! Yummy!

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    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Provence @ Lorong Liput, Holland Village

    Freshly brewed coffee from UCC
    Danish pastry with Aduki beans & fresh cream, fried sausage bun

    Wasabi cheese toast

    Tuna sandwich
    We had not visited Holland Village for quite sometime.......decided to drop by Provence Bakery (Japanese bakery) for tea on Sunday.......
    I love their soft and spongey croissant, moichi buns and broiche bread.
    Recently, they opened a new branch in ION Orchard, just next to the food court.....

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    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    Paulaner Brauhaus @ Millenia Walk

    Freshly baked German Rye bread was served with butter & Pate
    This is my Lime Margharita

    Our starters of salads, Rosti with bacon stacks!

    Mashed Potatoes

    The Restaurant

    Our Meat/Sausage platter
    If you enjoy beer, pork knuckle, sausages..............you should be heading to Paulaner Brauhaus!
    Freshly brewed beer, sausages with sauerkraut (traditional German cabbage pickle), pork knuckle and rosti are served here! Come down for a Sunday brunch in Paulaner, with free flow of beers!
    GenieBen Sie die sumptous Nahrung!

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    Beviamo @ Tanglin Mall

    An array selections of muffins, cupcakes & Gingerbreadman....
    Roast Beef Sandwich

    Egg Mayo on Cabriatta

    Luv the roast beef sandwich - a combination of avocado, diced tomatoes, rocket leaves, lettuce, mustard

    I was amazed that Beviamo @Tanglin was frequented by loads of expats! This cafe serves organic coffee/food...... queues were formed as early as 10am for breakfast!
    Breakfast menu is served all day and 80% of the patrons were expats......

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    Changi Seafood, Changi Village Road

    Today I went cycling in Changi..........the weather was good, Changi Beach had changed alot for the past year.

    There are now 2 bicycles kiosks for rental...........we rented 4 bikes and headed to Changi Coast Road for a good 2hrs of cycling (a good workout for the family). The cycling tracks were excellent as compared to the East Coast, with lesser conjestions and roller bladers.

    We were famished by 6pm that I headed to one of my favourite seafood restaurant in Changi Village.......these are my picks:

    Seafood Fried Rice

    Kung Po Chicken (diced chicken with dried chillies)

    Fried TauCheo Flower Crab with Chilli Padi

    The fried flower crabs is one of the speciality @$18 per plate........I like it dipped in belachan.....
    try it and you'll love it!

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    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    MOF @ Ang Mo Kio Hub

    Hokkaido Ice Cream with mochi, strawberries, peach, red bean paste


    My favourite - Green Tea Ice Cream
    Need a good dessert after your meal? MOF has many varieties of desserts, ranging from coffee, ice cream to Mochis (Japanese sticky rice ball)!

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    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Olio @ City Square

    Ministrone Soup

    Mushroom Soup

    Beef Stew in Puff Crust

    Delicious chuncky beef cubes

    Moroccan Lamb & veal sausage

    Catch of the Day

    Children's Set - Fish & Chips

    Coffee in Olio

    Last Friday, I went to City Square in Little India......the new shopping mall in Tekka or Little India...
    I like the concept as it is very spacious and was surprised to find Metro in its premises.......Not many F&B restaurants were found here besides the usual food court, Swenson's, Seoul Garden, Burger King etc.
    Since I like the coffee in Olio, we had the set dinner. Prices are pretty affordable at min $18 per set (soup, main course, coffee/drinks).
    Overall, City Square is better than Illuma (in Bugis) and a great place to shop! ;)

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