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    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Heart Bistro @ Palais Rennaissance - a Wellness Restaurant!

    Food from the Heart.......with love

    Brunch from S$32+++

    Complimentary Organic Fruit Juice

    I love this salad! Pickled tea leaves with ripened tomatoes & Muang Beans

    Green mango salad with crispy snapper

    Kahlua Chicken (William told me that he was inspired by Hawaiian Kahlua pork - a popular pork dish that was produced by slowly roasting a pig in an underground pit. It is seasoned with salt, allowing the flavours of the pig. It is buried with to mingle, creating a very rich, smoky flavour)

    Poached Egg with Salmon

    Fresh Fruits Platter with Lychee Sorbet
    Yum! Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate sauce

    Lastly, my favourite coffee was served - its got to be Illy!!!

    If you had been reading my blog, you can see that I've never blogged much about organic nor wellness cafe......BUT Heart Bistro definitely change the concept of heathy eating!
    No deep fried food is found on the menu.......healthier terms like steaming, grilling, poaching and baking are used to bring out the very best!
    I had brunch with my aunt and the restaurant's owner, Mr William Tan (formerly COO of Tung Lok Group & President of BreadTalk Pte Ltd).
    Here is the excerpt from Heart Bistro's:
    "Every dish a symphony of flavours, a discovery of senses, yet nutritionally balanced. Only the freshest ingredients are used to enhance the full flavours of the bistro's menu."

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    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Bachmann Japanese Restaurant @ Ion Orchard

    Age Tofu

    My kids favourite - Baby Octopus

    The Bakerwoman's favourite - anything hot & spicy, Miso Spicy Ramen!

    Unagi Set

    Aoba Salad

    Shoyu Ramen

    Salmon Set
    Do you noticed that the Ramen craze are sprouting all over Singapore? From Liang Court, Millenia Walk to Food Junction in Great World City, small Ramen eateries are increasingly popular here......
    Amongst the many ramen restaurant tried, I like Daikokuya Ramen in Paragon best as they served great mochi dessert topped with ice cream.
    I ordered the cold Japanese tea (ocha) but alas it tasted like Ooloong Chinese tea and no Japanese dessert is available either..........as for the Aoba Salad, I would prefer the Waraku Wafu Salad.........

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    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Nantsuttei Ramen @ Parco Millenia Walk

    I love this cozy new Japanese eatery in Millenia Walk..........had Dragon Spicy Ramen.

    Good lookin Japanese chefs ;)

    The best of the ramen in town! 4 stars outta 5! Die die must try.......pls avoid the weekdays office lunch crowds.....Long queues and waiting time, approx. 15 mins!

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    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Jones The Grocer @ The Mandarin Gallery

    Blackberry Tartlet
    Strawberry Tartlet

    After a hearty dinner of ribs @AppleBees, Wendy and me headed to Jones The Grocer for dessert.........a hinge of disappointment in Jones too....not much variety of desserts.....just tartlets, apple crumble & brownie :(

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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Breakfast in TCC @ Terminal 3, Changi Airport

    Pancakes with Cinnamon Pear

    Sauteed Mushrooms with Omelette & Rye Toast

    Good Morning Singapore!
    Breakfast in T3 before my cousin headed for her hometown, Kuantan!

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    WaterLoo Street Indian Rojak @ Ayer Rajak Hawker Centre

    Walking down memory lane......Lost & Found.......I love the good ole WaterLoo Street Indian Rojak in Ayer Rajah.
    The sweet potato dips were just heavenly.....don't forget the paru (Beef Lungs, tempeh and cuttlefish)!

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    Wild Honey @ The Mandarin Gallery

    Italian coffee

    I Tunisian

    Healthy Swiss Breakfast
    If you enjoy all day breakfast, then Wild Honey is all about beautiful breakfast........
    You can choose more than 15 types of breakfast from the board.............I've ordered Italian (combination of sausages, ham, tomato stew and 2 eggs), served with 2 slices of brioche and Swiss (generous portions of mixed berries, muesli, salads & yoghurt).

    Other breakfast sets are: English (I heard this is highly recommended), Scandinavian, European, Belgium.
    Please note that Breakfast sets served here are not cheap......breakfast sets without beverages starts from $18 and above........
    Nice ambience to catch up with your GFs........

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    AppleBee's @ Triple One Somerset

    AppleBee's Honey Glazed Ribs

    Mushroom Soup

    Mozerella Sticks

    The popular American food joint is now opened in Triple One @ Somerset!!!
    Menu is similar to Chilis - and pretty disappointing with the dessert menu (only ice cream and sherbets are available).
    We headed to Jones The Grocer for our dessert.........

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    Saturday, May 01, 2010

    The Bee Gees- 'First of May'

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    Breakfast @ The Tanglin Tree

    Good Morning Singapore! My cuppa of the day!
    Big Breakfast with Srambled Eggs

    Big Breakfast with Fried Eggs

    Salmon Flakes

    The Bakerwoman's favourite - Pancakes with strawberries ;)

    Happy Labour Day to alll..............1st of May.....reminds me of The Bee Gees.......First of May
    Enjoyed our breakie EXCEPT that I never like Boncafe coffee.....the coffee sucked, would rather opt for an Illy's or Grinder's cuppa!

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