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    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    Happy Lunar New Year to All.......

    Wishing all my readers "Xing Nian Kwai Le",

    As you hop into the year of the Rabbit.....

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    Flower Crab in Spicy Taucheo Sauce

    Flower Crabs - cooked in spicy taucheo sauce( ginger, garlic, sliced chilli & taucheo paste)
    This is another of my favourite dinner dishes......Flower Crabs in Taocheo sauce.....a very typical Teochew recipe loved by all.

    I prefer eating flower crabs because the meat is juicier and its shell is much softer.  The flower crab ― smaller than its cousin, the king ― draws fans because of the quality of its meat, despite the fact that it requires dedicated cracking, picking and sucking to ease every little morsel out.

    The feast begins. Tongs are used to bring whole halves, legs and upper shells onto one’s plate. Lips tingle from licking the sauce off the shell of the crab, from popping snowy white flakes ― silken, near melting and coated in spices ― into one’s mouth.

    Soon, the metal pot begins to fill up with bits of shell, evidence of the feast, as the plate rapidly empties......

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    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    Pig's Ear, Tongue & Roast Pork Claypot Rice

    3 meat combination claypot rice

    I love Braised Pig's Ear......the soft bone is marvellous........and not forgetting the aromatic roast pork added to the rice.

    Additional add ons:  Braised Pig's tongue and Shiitake mushrooms........not forgetting extra cilantro and chilli padi!!!

    My weekend lunch for the family.......

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    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    15th Wedding Anniversary Dinner.....

    Appetizer - Fried Garoupa with Light Lemon Grass Sauce, acoompanied with Rocket Salad

    Main Course - Roast Rack of Lamb on Risotto Rice with Red Wine Sauce 

    Dessert - Baked Fruit Spring Roll (Banana, Mango & Choco Chips), accompanied with a scoop of Lemon Sorbet

    Hubby Mike cooked a sumptous 3 course dinner on our 15th wedding anniversary.............

    The meaning of 15th Wedding Anniversary? - Crystal

    On the 15th anniversary, tin as the symbolic material of this milestone represents preservation and longevity. Crystal as the modern approach would signify a lot of meaning depending on the color tint. Clear crystal denotes insight and magic with one another.


    Anniversary symbols vary worldwide. In some cultures, your 15th wedding anniversary, for example, is called a 'glass' wedding. Time to blow your savings on a conservatory? A greenhouse? Designer his 'n' hers specs? Combine the traditions by toasting each other with champagne in new crystal glasses.
    I would like to thank Mike and my wonderful children for the memorable celebration @ home ;)
    The Bakerwoman adores Sunflowers.......

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    Sunday, January 09, 2011


    What is a hoagie? Its a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); The term originated in Philadelphia

    We had stir fried beef hoagies for dinner.......with fresh garden salad and lots of mozzarella cheese toppings! Yums!

    Stir Fried beef was added to the baguette

    I love mozzarella cheese......

    Simple and appetizing dinner!!!

    Diced capsicum, lettuces, tomatoes in Balsamic dressing

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    Devil or Debal Curry (Kari Turkey Devil)

    Debal or devil curry, as this dish is more popularly known, refers to a very hot curry.....its also known as a popular Eurasian style curry.

    By the way, it is never called Devil Curry, just Devil or Debal to the Malacca-Portuguest Eurasian purists.  And, simply, it is Devil because it is "hot as hell" to the taste.

    This was my after Xmas aftermath......the turkey carcass was not put into waste.....

    Here are some of Devil lore for my readers:
    • Devil is best eaten the day after cooking, when the ingredients have soaked well into the potatoes & chicken/meat
    • Devil is excellent with rice, and for me - its best eaten with roti "prancheese" (Baguette)
    • In many Eurasian kitchen, the Xmas Devil has an added ingredients.....some add in archar (pickles)

    Ingredients to be blended for the rempah
    Cooked Turkey bones & bacon+bones
    On the left, rempah was tumis (to fry the pounded ingredients till fragrance) and meat was added to it. 

    I transferred the rest of the ingredients to the slow cooker.....I prefer using the slow cooker as the meat is much tender and the cabbage was well soaked into the gravy

    Fiery hot hot devil curry!
    Crispy garlic bread to go with my curry devil!

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 7:37 PM 2 comments

    Sunday, January 02, 2011

    Toast To A New Beginning.....2011

    I would like to thank you for your support and hope you will continue to enjoy my blog.

    A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to the world!

    Here's The Bakerwoman enjoying her stay in The Fullerton Hotel........cheers to a promising 2011!!!!

    TWG Morroccan Mint


    English Tea @ The Straits, Fullerton Hotel


    My favourite champagne - Moet & Chandon to usher the countdown party in the grand lobby

    Love, The Bakerwoman

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 1:06 PM 1 comments

    Steak with Baked Potatoes & Mushroom Balsamic Salad.....

    It was my birthday and this was specially prepared by my hubby, Mike
    Red wine & Dessert Wine
    Main Course
    Our set dinner

    A red wine named "Fat Bastard" & dessert wine "Bridges" to celebrate my special day....

    Dinner prepared by my hubby was delicious and complemented with a flute of red wine...Mike was previously an award-winning culinary chef trained in French cooking ;)

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