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    Saturday, June 02, 2012

    Discovering Sicily......

    I stayed at the beautiful capital of Sicily, Palermo......it is also known as "the city of 1,000 minarets' (famed for tis gardens & fountains) by the Arabs.  The breathtaking cattedrale, with its golden stone & eclectic contrasts, is a perfect example of the way the city blends diverse styles, materials & traditions to its own taste. It was known that the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins & Spaniards all left their imprint on the city's art & life.

    Sicily......a journey among past & present, in a series of images, sometimes real, sometimes mythological which fill the soul with emotion & beauty.  Never regretted visiting Sicily......its indeed a mythical experience!

     The friendly & warm hospitality of Giuseppe, owner of Palazzo Pantaleo.
    On the right is our breakfast by the patio.....freshly baked pastries
      Mondello - the elegant resort, which grew up on what was once a marshy area, was a favourite with well-to-do Palermitans from the beginning of the 20C onwards.  You can see the presence of the attractive Art Nouveau villas on the seafront and in Viale Principe di Scalea......

    We had the most sumptuous lunch here in Al Vicoletto @ Cefalu - on the left:  are the owners of the cafe  & right :  the very important person ......the chef!!!

     Al Vicoletto - in Italy, the meal can start with various antipasti (sardines in oil or a beccafico, vegetables in batter etc)...then the 1st course, often as the main dish, esp if this is baked pasta, followed by another course.....for the 2nd course, you can choose between falsomagro (meat stuffed with crumb of bread & various herbs), stewed cuttlefish, stuffled squid & sardines served in various ways!

    To complete the Italian meal.....Sweets/Desserts like Cassata, Cannoli, Ice creams are served....Lastly, not forgetting Wine!

    Our lunch in Al Veicoletto - my mixed grill & Lovelle's Seafood Risotto
    This is Cefalu.....a town bound up with myth....  The Giants, the first inhabitants of Sicily, lived here;  Hercules came to build a temple to Jupiter; Daphne is still here, imprisoned in the rock which she was transformed.

    Today, Cefalu offers natural beauty, a clean sea, hospitality & facilities of all types, culture (myth, history & nature), rich & varied gastronomy....
     Monreale - the splendid Norman-Arab cathedral.  Monreale has one of the most superb churches in the world, and certainly the most important Norman building in Sicily!!!  The interior walls are entirely covered with a dazzling expanse of golden mosaics, relating the whole Bible!!!  It is estimated that 2,200kg of pure GOLD were used!
     Lovely sidewalk cafes

     Colazione da Tiffany - I was drawn to this cafe......just because it reminds of "Breakfast @Tiffany's"....with the logo of Audry Hepburn on its menu & murals!
     I had Latte Macchiato & Tangerine Pork Salad
     This is Palermitan fast food or street food...its available from fried-food shops, baker's & stalls serving tasty dishes that you can eat while strolling in the street....I love RANCINE DI RISO (rice balls filled with meat sauce or ham & cheese)
     The Bakerwoman is enjoying her cuppa!!!

     Spinnato - a refined & warm atmosphere, where you can relax having a drink, a light lunch or tasting their delicious ice creams or "semifreddi" and also finest specialities of the best Sicilian baker!

     I enjoyed my happy days here in Sicily admiring all the beautiful cities, beaches and I've thoroughly love all the authentic hospitality!  Grazieā™„

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