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    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel - Feast & East Buffet

    Cereal Prawns

    Stir Fried LaLa Clams

    Fried Yam Rice

    Chicken Cooked in Red Vinegar

    Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup with Button Mushrooms)

    Fresh Oysters with lots of Tobasco Sauce

    Not Forgetting my bowl of Laksa.......Yummilicious!

    Definitely enjoying my bowl of Laksa!

    Roast Crispy Pig's Head?

    Marinated Baby Octopus

    Varieties of Char Siew, Crispy Roast Pork

    I simply love this - Roast Combination (Duck & Pork, look at the crispy skin)


    Fish Maw Soup

    Cold Crabs, Geoduck


    Homemade Ngoh Hiang

    Desserts - Selections of Ice Creams
    Platter of Fruits
    A Traditional Must Haves - Nian Gao (sticky glutinous rice cake)
    Shiok - another yummy delight - Durian Mousse
    Remember the good ole days of "salted preserves"
    Kachang Puteh
    My family decided to feast on buffets this year.........instead of having the traditional steamboat, I suggested we try the Grand Mercure's Feast & East Buffet. The buffet spreads are plentiful with lots of local homecooked delights!
    Overall, I like the vast selections of local food & desserts..............freshly brewed coffee is served and Nian Gao was served in the dessert selections......its simply awesome - yam & sweet potato slices were sandwiched in between the sticky chewy Nian Gao!
    Have you had your Nian Gao?

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    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Wine & Cheese Nite by the Pool........

    Pairing of wine & cheese
    Fine selections of cheeses (Baby Bel, Brie, Gouda, Edam, Cheddar, Port Salut & Danish Blue)

    Relaxing by the pool..........
    Attended my first wine & cheese nite @ Changi............I love the ambience of the Civil Service Clubhouse because the pool view is beautifully facing Changi Beach. It was a breezy and lovely day for pairing wine & cheese nite!
    I've learnt that sweet/dessert wines go with pungent blue cheeses....it may sound odd, but try it!!!
    Overall - It is also a great way to gather people together in a fun & relaxed atmosphere and looks forward to another wine session with Jeffrey Soh - Champagne with chocolates, Wine with a local zest - Laksa??? Bottoms ups!

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    Kueh Bolu with Love......

    My first attempt to make the kueh bolu was a success~;)

    Since Valentine's Day coincides with the Lunar New Year, I've decided to use the heart shaped moulds for the kueh bolu.......

    Wishing all my readers a "Happy Valentine's Day & a Roaring Lunar New Year!" Have a fruitful & healthy 2010!

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    Monday, February 08, 2010

    Thai Styled Chicken Feet

    This is yummy - chicken feet salad in Thai style......shiok with my favourite chicken rice!

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    Sugee Cookies

    Cookies before egg wash
    Was wondering why this is named Sugee Cookies when no semolina is used.......in fact, roasted ground almond and ghee were used for the above cookies.....

    As I don't really like ghee - I've mixed half ghee & butter for this recipe. It turned up very well and my daughter loves the sugee cookies!

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    Sunday, February 07, 2010

    Chocolate Chip & Macadamia Nut Cookies

    Prebaked cookies

    Its the time of the year again......Lunar New Year is around the corner and I'm baking my all time favourite - Chocolate chip & macadamia nut cookies!

    Have you started baking? For me, I will be busy baking chocolate brownies, kueh bohlu, sugee cookies, kueh bangkit & marble cake.........baking with love!

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    Food Opera @ ION Orchard Basement 4

    Singaporeans All Time Favourite - Hainanese Chicken Rice
    Bak Chor Mee Pok (Noodles in Black Vinegar with liver & minced pork)

    Fatty Weng's Fish Soup

    This is the upmarket foodcourt in Orchard Road......after Food Republic, comes Food Opera.......be ready to spend at least $6 for a main course here.........the above 3 items are the favourites.......tried the Ngoh Hiang (was charged $12 for less than 10 items).....was fairly good but expensive!!!!

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    Kueh Kara Kara

    This is one of my favourites for the Lunar New Year....its called Kueh Kara Kara (fragrile rice krispies)....it is made from rice flour & sugar. I've asked my grandma how this kueh was made and she explained that making this kueh is very tedious..... coconut husk was used and they had to make many tiny holes on the husk. Its something like roti jala - sugar syrup & rice flour mixture were poured to the husk. Batter was deep fried.
    It is very costly, as it is very difficult to make. A tub of 10 pieces cost S$10!!!
    Kueh Kara Kara is not easily available and perhaps you could get the kueh kara kara in Joo Chiat.

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