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    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Segovia->The Cathedral, The Alcazar & The Segovia Aqueduct

    From Madrid we headed for a day trip to Segovia......on the left is the city's medieval wall.  Right, we stopped by a cafe for coffee before our 3 hours sightseeing tour of Segovia

    On the left is San Andres Gate & on your right, Cathedral of Segovia (was completed in 1577)

    For Starters...we had Judiones San Ildefonso (Spanish stew with butter beans & pork sausages), served with crusty baguettes

    Stewed Veal & mixed vegetables were the main course for lunch
    Dessert - home made Vanilla ice cream
    Left, main entrance of the restaurant & right, The Segovia Aqueduct

    Left, beautiful Romanewque church and right, The Alcazar (an inspiration to Walt Disney's Snow White's Castle)

    Segovia is a wonderful mix of Roman Spain, Medieval & Renaissance Spain & Modern Spain all rolled up into one!  Segovia is also famous for the roast suckling pig, Judiones and roast lamb.

    The city is a UNESCO world Heritage site......

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    Sunday, May 08, 2011

    Cafe & Te, Breakfast in Madrid.......

     This cafe was just within walking distance from our hotel.......cafe is 24 hrs........serves great breakfast to Italian cuisine!

     American breakfast @ Euro 9.75

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    Tapas Hopping in Madrid!

     Another of the specialties in Madrid is the tapas that comprises a bite-size portion, hot or cold, that is served with wine, vermouth, beer or a refreshment.  Although tapas can be enjoyed anywhere in the city, there are particular areas of the city which have their own particular type of tapas....

    The centre of Madrid is considered to be the best area for having tapas simply for being in the very heart of the city....The area in and around Puerta del Sol & Plaza Mayor, is an area where you can enjoy having tapas in a great cozy ambience.

    Other busy areas for tapas are the Latina & the so-called Writers' Quarter where you can find traditional taverns where tapas form the cornerstone of an excellent dining experience.

     My favourites?  the black olives & onion cakes

     The best coffee oxtail stew....

     Tapas hopping with the international gang! Our British guide, Jake on the left...

    Bottoms Up!!!

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    Monday, May 02, 2011

    Restaurant Hopping in Madrid.....

    Botin in Madrid is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest working restaurant in the world!  It was founded by a Frenchman, Jean Botin in 1725.  This restaurant has been visited by famous people in all over the world.....House speciality - Roast young suckling pig.....YUMS!

     Mercado de San Miguel - is one of the oldest covered markets in Madrid...You can buy fruits, cheese, fish etc...or you can have oysters with a glass of wine while reading a book.
    Its 33 shops offer a great variety of the best delicatessen products in a magnificient setting.  This market is almost a centurian old and was built in 1916!

     On the streets of Madrid.....I love the beautiful music created by wine glasses!!!
     This cafe serves the best freshly brewed coffee @ only 1 Euro....

     This cafe also serve Bocadillo (roll sliced in 2 lengthways served with a variety of fillings)

     Lunch is Steak with Fries, Euro 9
     Left - The popular Italian restaurant, Ginos & The Bakerwoman in Plaza Mayor

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    Madrid - the city of Love......

    MADRID! The city of history, leisure, culture, shopping, museums......the lists never ends!  It is a city that boasts a rich cultural past, but with its sights clearly set on the future....

    Madrid is a modern metropolis that has managed to hold on to its traditions & customs; It is also one of the top 10 cities to live in, to work in, to invest in & to visit.

    The must see in Madrid includes:  The Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum & Art Gallery, CaixaForum, Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace, The Retiro Park, Puerta Del Sol, Gran Via & not forgetting the Rastro Flea-Market!

    Dining in Madrid offers an unforgettable dining experience with a choice of restaurants from the 5 continents!  Seafood & fish dishes are also part of the staple diet....

    Another of the specialities in Madrid is the tapas that comprises a bite-size portion, hot or cold, that is served with wine, vermouth, beer or a refreshment.  The centre of Madrid is considered to be the best area for having tapas simply for being in the very heart of the city.

     I had a baguette, onion & potato cake for breakie 
     Spanish breakfast crowds  
     An array of assorted pastries.......

     Yummy pastries from the heart of Sol.............

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