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    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Octa Hotel @ Parco Bugis Millenia Walk

    Coffee for Tai Tais???
    From lunch to High Tea Set.....
    Octa Hotel is a concept of an imaginary hotel in Paris.....a Japanese interpretation of a French cafe
    On the left is Quiche with Bread & right is Egg Bacon Sandwich

    Simple elegance, tasteful interior design, antique furnitures.

    Gift items, accessories and fashion apparels are available here....

    Octa Hotel is comparable to The Royal Copenhagen in Takashimaya.......I love the Tea Set @$11.90++ which includes coffee/tea and assorted mini sandwiches, no scones are served.  Japanese cakes, sweets and some light food are also served here.  The service is excellent - a very typical Japanese hospitality!!!

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    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Onn Cake House.......Special Thanks to William & Family, Shan

    Being a typical Teochew, I love eating these local "pia" (biscuits)
    Freshly baked Rice Cookies, Old Wives Biscuit, Winter Melon Biscuits & many more.....
    Before I headed back to Singapore, I reminded William that I would like to buy some Teochew pia home.....William brought us to Onn Cakehouse and I was delighted to see all my favourite local biscuits here....

    I enjoy this pia for tea......these pia will literally melts in your mouth.........toast them in the toaster for 10 mins and a cup of Chinese tea to go along with it!

    This page is specially dedicated to William, Shan and his family.........Thanks for the warm hospitality and showing us Fascinating Kuching.....I will never forget the wonderful places like:  Sarawak Cultural Village, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Satok Market, The Waterfront, Chinese History Museum, Food Bazaar, The Beautiful Kalimantan Borders.

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    Seafood in Kuching.....

    Stir Fried Sotong in Sambal & Corn, Egg, Crab Meat Soup (Sharkfin style)

    Crayfish in Buttersauce & Manek Vegetables

    On our last day in Kuching, we came to this seafood place................you can find an extensive selections of mouth-watering seafood dishes that's guaranteed to perk up your appetite and have you polished up your plate!!!

    We enjoyed the perfect venue for a relaxed casual evening dinner while its affordable prices invite you to come back again soon!

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    Imperial Duck Restaurant, Kuching

    William brought us to this fabulous restaurant for lunch.......

    I loved the Stewed combination "Teochew" style...pig's tongue, belly & goose meat....SHIOK is the WORD! Yums!

    Imperial Duck, Hong Kong Style           Cha Seow

    Shanghai Style Pan Fried Dumpling & Fried Kang Kong with Hot Chilli Sauce

    Stewed Combination "Teochew" Style

    This drink is refreshing - Kedondong Juice (the actual fruits on the right)

    Eating in Kuching is pretty reasonable - for 6 pax, the total bill was RM95.40..............

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    LOK LOK......Kuching

    It was my first time trying Lok Lok.....what is Lok Lok?
    You can only find Lok Lok in Malaysia....it's a van surrounded with food skewered on sticks, pots of boiling water and served with many varieties of sauces.....Surprisingly, we had dinner Lok Lok in a restaurant in Kuching......to me Lok Lok is like eating Yong Tauhu in skewers without the soup.....

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    Sunday, September 05, 2010

    Breakfast in Kim Joo, Carpenter Street

    Located at Carpenter Street opposite the Huang Thian Siang Temple, this is the great place to have breakfast or lunch when walking along the main bazzar area.
    Mixed Soup
    Dried bee hoon
    Breakfast for the day.....

    You'll never find such generous ingredients here in Singapore.  Everything tasted so good here...I love the soup (home made fish balls - No DoDo here, liver, pork, prawns, bean sprouts, meat balls)....the soup brings me back memories of Singapore in the 70's....everything tasted sedap!

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    Friday, September 03, 2010

    Black Bean Coffee & Tea, Carpenter Street

    As we were walking down Carpenter Street, the aromatic, robust and alluring smell of coffee is calling out for me.........There, behold - I found Black Bean Coffee & Tea!

    I remembered this cozy coffee shop was featured in Channel 8 documentary special sometime back in 2007?

    Kopi 'O' Corner with the ladies....
    I'm definitely craving for a cuppa with real kick!!!  The cafe's aromatic coffee, made with freshly ground coffee beans were buttery and smooth.........hmmmm!  It definitely perks up our day!!!
    Sarawak Coffee
    Assorted Chinese cookies to go with your coffee
    My cupuccino
    Bubble Milk Tea
    Refreshing Ice Coffee
    Iced Latte

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