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    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Huber's Butchery & Bistro @ Demsey

    The Bakerwoman in Huber's Butchery

    Last Saturday, The Bakerwoman attended "How to taste olive oil" by LakeLands Olives in Huber's Butchery.

    I was given 3 samples of olive oil....to taste and rate the aroma and taste characteristics.

    The presenter was Mr Knut Kammann, Proprietor of Lakelands Olives

    What I've learnt - what is extra virgin olive oil, fruitiness, bitterness and pungency! Also not forgetting the Styles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Evoo Robust, Evoo Moderate/medium & Delicate!!!

    Mr Ernst Huber of Huber's Butchery

    I bought some bacon & sausage rolls, burger patties

    My favourite - the Italian Spicy Pork sausages from Hubers!

    Must try - the Farmer's sausages, steaks and great BBQ marinades!

    A wide selections of Swiss cheeses, mustards, chocolates and stewed ox tongue!

    Huber's is closed on Mondays!

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    P S CAFE, Tanglin Village, Harding Road

    Double Chocolate Blackout cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Grilled wagyu & US chuck patty topped with camembert cheese, wilted spinach, bacon, tomato & caramelised onion on toasted sesame bun with P.S. fries!

    Linseed Bread - The Bakerwoman's favourite!

    Since I'm attending the Olive Oil Tasting in Huber's on Saturday, I decided to have lunch in PS Cafe.....

    I had the PS Burger. For dessert - I had the most sinful chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream!

    The cafe offers indoor as well as outdoor seating, where you can star-gaze while sipping coffee!

    Not forgetting to buy my favourite deli - Linseed Bread for Sunday's breakkie!

    Ooops...gotta workout real hard for the extra calories on Sunday! Sunday is swim day for The Bakerwoman!

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    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Tahu Tetik with Salted Fish - Spicy Peranakan Toufu Soup

    My family loves this soup.....the rempah consisted of shallots, belachan, chillies and candle nuts/buah keras. You can add salted fish or dried prawns to the paste........another option is adding sayur/vegetables (bayam/spinach) instead of tofu.

    A truly authenthic Paranakan favourites!

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    Cova Pasticceria-Confetteria, Paragon

    Cova is a subsidiary of Wing Tai Retail.....It was founded in Milan by Antonio Cova.

    Assorted Quiches

    Cuppincinno with Extra Whipped Cream...Lovely!!!

    Cova's specialities include its wide array of pastries, cakes, breads and cookies.

    Lunch/Dinner menu is available........great Tea Time hang outs with family and friends!

    I like the warm wooden shelves and furnishing.....lovely ambience for tete-a-tete.....and not forgetting to unwind for a cuppa after your shopping in Orchard!

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    Friday, July 02, 2010

    Nakhon Kitchen - Bedok North

    Authentic Thai restaurant in the Heartlands

    Phad Thai & Olive Fried Rice

    Thai Mango Salad & Tom Yum Seafood

    Spicy Vegetables & Squid in Thai style, Thai Fishcake

    Sawadee........if you enjoy Thai cuisine......let me recommend you Nakhon Kitchen! I would give this restaurant a rating of 9/10 for its authentic Thai cuisine.

    Kudos to its authenthic Thai chefs. Food were competently done......definitely awesome! Be warned - Long queues, especially the dinner crowds and I guaranteed the wait is worth it!!!

    Nice and affordable Thai cuisine in the heartlands......good value for $$$.....I would definitely revisit Nakhon when I crave for good Thai food!

    Die die must try - Tom Yum, Deep Fried Fish-Thai style, Red Rubbies (dessert)......practically every dishes are delicious!

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    Kway Chap - Serangoon Garden Food Centre

    Fancy Kway Chap?
    Its a Teochew dish - broad rice sheets in soup made in dark soya sauce

    Accompanied by:

    Salted Vegetables, braised chicken feet with beancurd skin

    Braised pork belly, pig's ear, duck meat, offal and hard boiled eggs (everthing is braised!!!)....

    For Kway Chap - I prefer this outlet and Koh Brothers (in Tiong Bahru Market).......don't forget the chilli dips!

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    Brotzeit - VivoCity

    Mustard for my crispy pork knuckle

    Salads, pork knuckle & sauerkraut.......
    "Brotzeit" means "Brot" for bread and "zeit" for time, a cozy meal complimented by fresh beer.
    I often patronised Brotzeit Vivo for its alfresco dining by the harbour, enjoying my mug of Munich Lager light with the great companionship of friends........
    Brotzeit is another subsidiary of Paulaner Brauhaus.
    If you enjoy contemporary German/Munich food.......here's the place to enjoy and Prost! (Cheers in German)

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    Deep Fried Oyster Fritter - Amoy Street Hawker Centre

    Some peanuts are pressed onto the top of the fritter and deep fried.

    One of my favourite hawker centre in Singapore is Amoy Street.

    It serves the best Char Kwey Teow, 1st floor (prominently facing the carpark), Fish Soup with crispy fish roe & yummy Fried Oyster Fritter (located on the 2nd floor).

    The crispy batter is stuffed with minced pork, cilantro and oysters. Best eaten with chilli sauce - great tea snacks with Kopi O.......

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