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    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Lunch buffet @ The Equinox

    A nice view from the 70th floor, overlooking the upcoming yet to complete, Integrated Resort of Singapore
    An array of desserts

    My palette of desserts - a must haves after a nice meal and not forgetting a nice cuppa!

    This was my main course: Confit of duck and mashed.

    From the wagon: Foi Gras (goose liver) pan smeared with truffle sauce.....

    Continued from the dessert selections......


    Appetizers from my plate.....the oysters were very fresh and I like a dash of tabasco n lots of lemon

    Seafood - Hokkaido crabs were also available

    More appetizers

    Cheese selections

    I love the panaromic view - you can see the Singapore Flyer and East Coast Beach
    These were taken in January this year - my generous Japanese boss took all out for a sumptuous lunch in The Equinox, The Plaza.
    Heh, I recommended this buffet to him as the ambience was cozy with a great view of Singapore and its sumptous spread of delicacies.......buffet lunch @ S$65 nett. (you can choose yr main course and its a semi buffet.
    Here are some facts which you may find more about the restaurant:

    Equinox Restaurant
    Upon entering Equinox, be mesmerised by the panoramic views of Singapore and the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Be captivated by the impressive three-storey, 165-seat, amphitheatre-style restaurant that emphasizes simple yet bold design elements: four three-storey-high teak and rice-paper lanterns, suspended Ming-inspired wooden trellis and a luminous, floor-to-ceiling wall of mother-of-pearl make simply stunning statements.
    To complement the extraordinary decor, Equinox heightens the dining experience with either authentic Western or Asian cuisine - the best of East and West. The menu has been designed to offer an abundance of choice so that diners can enjoy a varied and multidimensional culinary experience.

    Location: Level 70, Equinox Complex, SwissĂ´tel The Stamford

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