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    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    Beef Burger With Lime & Onion Relish

    Bought these fresh hamburger buns from my local bakery (its fresh and free from preservative, unlike the Gardenia buns)

    I marinated the minced beef a night before I fry it - overnight marinades are best!!

    This is my daughter's plate, I've added some fries (she's a small picky eater) and mozerella cheese were added to the hot beef patty (so u hv d melted cheese over it)

    Instead of toasting the bun, I prefer to pan fry for a minute

    Here, I've added the Lime & Onion relish which I had stir fried
    Finally, I add some tomato slices (at times I'd add fried egg or lettuce, but recently we had too many eggs)
    Viola! A nice home made nutritious burger for the kids! Don't forget the Tabasco sauce!
    Please note that it is always important to serve burgers cooked all the way through......never serve them pink or medium rare.....
    We ate the burgers for dinner over fries and a nice cup of Lemonade!

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