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    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Geylang Serai Food Poisoniing which claimed 2 lives....

    Indian Rojak dipped in sweet potato sauce
    The rojak that killed the makchiks.......

    As you know recently there was an outbreak of so called cholera in Geylang Serai hawker centre. The Indian Rojak which killed 2 makchiks........a pity after all the makaning, they mati.....at least they ate their favourite laut before they collapsed.

    Life is short and unexpected.....treasure your love ones and to me, makan lah.....don't mentioned the phrase "am on diet today" because I think you are stupid .............imagine you are born to eat...the only thing that is lacking in today's women are exercise. They eat, regret and cut down their intake tremendously the next day. Some are rich to head to the Slimming Centres - not knowing they are heading to their graves.........

    I eat alot.........in fact 4 meals for me a day........breakfast, the in betweens like 10am-11am, lunch and dinner (eat like a pauper for dinner). Without breakfast, I'll faint........Exercise is part of my regime. I work out thrice per week diligently - swim for 20 laps, brisk walk -1hr and lastly weekends, its scuba diving classes/roller blading and cycling - all for at least an hr.

    My heart goes out to the families of the 2 victims..........imagine you had not said goodbye to yr loved ones and they are gone with the wind immediately. Noticed these 2 women are in their 50s and around this age, your immunity starts to slack.......they developed diarrhoea, relapse and fell into a coma.........and gone forever.........Newspapers cited that the outbreak is "mostly likely due to cross-contamination of rojak and raw seafood ingredients harbouring the bacteria".

    I believe they used the same chopping boards for both raw and cooked food. At home, I ensure that greens and cooked food are seperated by raw food. Same goes to my chopping boards - one for the cooked item and the other, for raw food. My set of knives are also distinguished for both raw and cooked foods. As for the washing sponges - one for drinking glasses and the other for dishwashing usage.

    Lastly, as quoted in Today newspaper - "A LITTLE SOAP GOES A LONG WAY"...............BE SAFE THAN SORRY...........

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