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    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Ice Kachang & Seafood in Johor Bahru

    When we arrived Christ house in JB, she brought us to a nice cozy cafe, opposite the Danga Bay for a nice rainbow ice kachang (its a bit unique - shredded nutmeg, peanuts, red beans, attap seeds, jellies and other yummy fruity stuffs were also added). Topped with a colourful scoop of ice cream! One ice kachang is best to be shared by 2......a huge portion for M$3.00.

    After tea in Christ's home, she brought the kids to the Johor Bahru zoo.....the entrance fee?? Guess?? Only M$2 for adult and M$1 for kids......

    Most of the animals were kept in an open enclosure - you can feed the elephant (just like the man here)

    Dinner - We went to the popular seafood kelong in JB

    This is the place where these orang Aslis live (it was low tide on that day)

    The friendly orang Aslis........you can find the children diving and swimming in the beach in the afternoon

    Seafood is served by orang asli (meaning "aboriginal peoples" in Malay) is a general term used for any indigenous groups that are found in Peninsular Malaysia

    Singapore lacks this beautiful sea ambience
    An array of seafood in the kelong

    Bamboo clams, siput, mussles (so many fresh selections of seafood). You can asked the chef to cook the seafood to your selections -

    We had the best live ginseng prawn soup, butter crabs cooked in salted eggs, fried noodles/rice, mixed vegetables in claypot, fried calarmaris & not forgetting the belachan kang kong. All in? M$90..............Singapore is a far cry to get such yummy, delicious seafood. I've never liked the Jumbo, Red House seafood served here.....Prices in Singapore are pretty steep too!!

    I realised the seafood in Singapore are a ripped off.........especially places where "ang mohs" like to patronise.....in Jumbo, Long House, Punggol Seafood........

    My kids loved the windy outdoors and to have their dinner by the sea
    When eating seafood, the ambience and comfort really count!! Superb service by the fast & friendly Orang Asli servers.
    After dinner, we headed to Danga Bay for a nice cuppa
    Thanks to my good friend, Chris (whom I had know for more than 15 years) and her hubby for their warm hospitality whilst we were there.
    Fire works display on every weekend nights in Danga BayThis is Chris beautiful home in JB.......(the side view), which is just next to the Sultan's Palace
    I decide to blog about JB and their food here. We went to JB on Valentine's Day to visit my friend, Chris and her hubby. She wanted to show me their retired getaway when her husband retires.
    We visited JB on Valentine's Day ..........we liked the rest and relax atmosphere. Most Johorians love the beach.....especially in Danga Bay.....you can find super nice Thai authenthic food, mee pok, Indian food etc...........It reminded me of our Singapore WonderLand in the 70s!
    For dinner, we enjoyed the seafood very much. Having seafood in kelong was simply awesome....the sea breeze, surrounding and good food were fantastic......an array of various seafood are available here. Read more about this restaurant here for their delicious and affordable seafood! The severs were mainly orang aslis.....if you are having lunch, you can see the happy and carefree orang aslis children diving into the sea.....You can give them sweets and you can see the joy in their faces!!! gleaming with delight!
    I was amazed that there were more to enjoy in Johor Bahru. We ended the night in Danga Bay having our kopi and enjoying the colourful fireworks display......For my kids, they loved the zoo, ice kachang and the orang asli village.

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