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    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Katong & Joo Chiat Revisited.........

    Whenever you visit Katong or Joo Chiat - its definitely the home for the Peranakans, with nonya food & kuehs alongst the while stretch of East Coast Road.
    This Rumah Bebe also became popular overnight after MediaCorp televised the sitcom ' The Little Nonia'. Rumah Bebe is popular for its sarong kebaya for Nonyas and its manik sandals. The kebaya is not cheap though.....a set costs at least S$120. This reminds me of the saybok bibiks in Ways of the Matriach and their Nonya cuisines!

    Before heading to my favourite coffee joint, I had nasi padang in my favourite Machik's padang kadai (I had tempeh, sambal telor & paru-fried beef lung) and not forgetting lots of assam pedas gravy.

    Boring Mike had the beef briyani............

    This is moi's favourite coffee - BLACK CANYON
    Sweetie Pie had Black Mocca Shake

    Moi's having Viennese (I love fresh cream over my coffee) & jasmine tea

    The boy is having Orange Frost

    Mike's cuppuccino
    What I bought alongst Joo Chiat? Kueh pie ti shell @ $15 - which is definitely a ripped off, ondeh ondeh & kueh ambon in Harry Nonya Kueh (460 Joo Chiat Road)

    As I had mentioned in my earlier Laksa posts, there are more than 5 stalls boasting their Laksa originality, a rip off from Ashton's Steakhouse, Chicken Rice, Glory nonya kuehs & many Bak chang stalls, ranging from Kim choo to whatever..........oh now there are 2 Tau Kwa Pau shops too........the original is definitely next to the Katong Mall hawker centre..........supposed to makan the Tau Kaw pau but alas SOLD OUT man!!!
    Never mind, I'll head to my regular machik nasi padang instead........after that its Black Canyon for my cuppa!
    I like Black Canyon coffee - its a Thai coffee joint and I love their coffee, for they are fabulously brewed. Its reasonably priced and Thai food served are delicious, with a nice ambience!! Their coffee is reasonably priced as compared to TCC, The Coffee Connonsieur, Olio Dome, Starbucks (I hate American coffee, its so diluted!!) and Gloria Jeans.......The slogan in Black Canyon reads:

    When you had a hearty meal in Katong, please don't forget to "chuchi mulot" (in Peranakan - means dessert)...........a nice dessert after a hearty meal.........

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