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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Ox Tail Soup - recipe from Chef Wan

    I love ox tail!!! It took me another 30 mins to cut away the fats!!Recently, I had been craving for too many food.......instead of having the usual oxtail stew, I would like to try out Chef Wan's Ox Tail soup instead.....in Malay, its called Sop Buntut!!!
    I like his recipe - in between soup kambing and a bit of curry in it.....I've added potatoes, carrot, button mushrooms and lots of cilantro to it.....because of the thickness of the ox tail, its better to use a pressure cooker or slow cooker. It took me 3.5hrs to get the tenderness of the meat.......hmmm, the soup goes pretty well with baguette, pasta & rice! Bon Appetit!!!!

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