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    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Pork Knuckle & Mash

    Juicy roasted pork knuckle from Cold Storage - $14.00

    Dinner for the night.........crispy pork knuckle, mashed and salads
    I'm a working mum and sometimes I "tak kuasa" (can't be bothered in Malay) to whip up a storm. Another great alternative is to head for Cold Storage.
    I like their crispy pork knuckle (which is roasted to your perfection....). I also tried the Giant Hypermart pork knuckle and its too dry and overcooked. Therefore, I recommend the Cold Storage roasts! Imagine the crispiness of the succulent fats.....hmmm, its heavenly........its the same variation like the German pork knuckle.
    Next, I boiled some potatoes for the mash (I hate the instant mixes). Mustard, butter n milk were added to the mashed. Simple and easy meal to prepare for busy mum like me......
    I forgot....brown sauces....yes, you can add the Mc Cormick's brown gravy over the pork. To sum it up.........a can of nice cold beer to go along.........Auf Wiedersehen und genießen Sie Ihren Schweinefleischknöchel!

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