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    Monday, April 06, 2009

    Salads, Baked Texan Chicken & Bacon Aglio Olio for dinner.

    I love this Japanese Wafu Salad sauce which is sesame based
    Skinless roast Texan chicken, some salads and bacon aglio olio

    My family loves pasta and last week I made Aglio Olio with bacon - its the simplest and most satisfying pasta dishes of all!
    To compliment the pasta, I had half of the Sakura chicken left and decided to bake it ala Texan style (recipe from Chef Wan's cookbook). Texan chicken was marinade with cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, tobasco, cayenne pepper, ketchup, olive oil, brown sugar.
    As for the salads - I prefer the Japanese based salad dressing because I love sesame and their wafu dressing is heavenly.......
    A great dinner with the family and if you have a glass of white wine - It would definite be a complete satisfying dinner.........

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