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    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Sambal Ikan Bilis........best with Nasi Lemak

    Washed and drained the ikan bilis (so that its hygienic and not too salty)

    After tumis (sauteed) the rumpah, I add the deep fried ikan bilis

    Sambal ikan bilis in less than 30 mins.....
    sambal goes very well with sliced cucumbers!!!
    These are some of the side dishes to be added to nasi lemak - cucumbers, fried kunyit fish, tau kwa & apa lagi? Sambal istimewa!!
    Nasi Lemak is a coconut flavoured rice (cooked in coconut milk) which goes very well with sambal, fried chicken (ayam goreng), omelette, cucumbers and also other dishes. It is known to be the national dish of Malaysia.

    I love eating Nasi Lemak with sambal petai (its called smelly broad bean). This week, its sambal ikan bilis. I hate cleaning the petai because there are always worms hidden in the bean......it really erks me on this........

    Talking about Nasi Lemak in Singapore, people will tell you the best stall is in Changi Village....be it on weekdays or weekends, scores of people can be seen queuing in the hawker centre. They are quite dumb because opposite this popular joint is Mizzy's Corner and they serve very good nasi lemak too (just to let you know, both stalls are related). Singaporeans loves fried chicken wings.........and as long as there's nasi lemak, just like the famous Ponggol & Chong Pong Village nasi lemak - you can see scores of people queuing up just to get that nasi lemak......

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