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    Tuesday, June 02, 2009

    A Typical Hainanese Breakfast...........

    Its wrapped up like a ketupat and filled with glutinous rice
    Tasted like Bak Chang

    Fried sliced carrot cake

    This is rather another interesting Hainanese cake-glutinous rice cake coated with ginger & dessicated coconut
    We headed to Liang Siang Street for our breakfast on Sunday........I like the breakfast served in YY Coffeeshop (as per my earlier write-ups). Hainanese cakes & fried black noodles are served every morning in YY.
    Half boiled eggs are boiled to your perfection and dipped in delicious sour dough bread.

    If you have time for breakfast, this is the place for a good typical yummy breakfast with your family!!!
    Should you know what the above cakes are called, please drop me a note.........and thanks for dropping by.

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