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    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Sapporo Curry, Botejyu @ Vivo City

    Dessert - Green Apple Ice cream & Tofuti (Chocolate & Tofu ice cream)

    This is Tofuti - the white part was rich creamy tofu, I love it!!!

    Japanese Minced Chicken meat curry noodle

    Japanese Pork Curry Noodle

    Tofu salad (I like the miso dressing)
    Amongst the so many shopping malls here in Singapore, I love Vivo City! That's because I can shopped till I dropped here!!! From Forever 21 to Zara-Mango-Club Monaco-River Island-Pull & Bear and the lists just never ends..........
    So after a fruitful shopping spree, I was famished - tried this Japanese Restaurant called Sapporo Curry Yoshimi. Well I never fancy the Jap curry but decided to give this a try......not too bad - I love the Tofu salad which has sesame miso dressing! Something different from the usual thousand island or French dressing.....
    Japs are very creative in their food - try their dessert (as seen above), its very refreshing and yummilicious!!
    This restaurant housed 4 Japs specialities to one - Sapporo Curry Yoshimi, Botejyu (omelette), Ajisen etc).

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