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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Buffet @ The Green House, Ritz Carlton Millenia

    Lets start with salads (I love sun dried tomatoes & shredded cheese).......with vinaigrette dressing

    My cheese platter - Camembert, Grueye & Brie cheeses with dried apples, apricots & mini baguette
    I love breads & bread sticks

    Sushi (tuna, salmon, octopus & california maki)
    My platter of sushis, keropok & black pepper crab!
    Sweet sour prawn, beef rib, kai lan stir fried in wolf berries!! simply delightful!!!

    Oysters were very fresh (I've added lots of lemon juice & tabasco sauce), saffron rice, mutton & beef curries and not forgetting my papadums!!

    more oysters for me & tuna carpaccio

    pretty scallop!

    The array of dessertsHmm, sinful chocolate ice cream & raspberry sorbet!!! topped with almond flakes & marshmellow

    Don't forget to have a good cup of freshly brewed coffee to go with your cakes!!!
    My fruit platter.........Jackfruit, rock melon, guava, strawberries, dragon fruit!!

    More ice cream choices & crepes available!!!

    Wow, 2 days of wondrous dinner with friends!! Dined with my friend, NOR in The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton (buffet: $68 nett) for a wonderful dinner buffet last night.
    Price may be costlier as compared to other hotels but items featured were EXCELLENT!!! If you enjoy sashimi, Jap cuisine....this is the place to have girly get-togethers or a celebration.
    The Quartet was performing whilst I glanced at the buffet counter for more yummy galores - they were playing "Winter Sonata" theme song (the ever popular Korean series featuring Bae Yong Jun).........be entertained whilst you enjoy your palette!!!
    From Starters, Appetizers to Salads (more than 6 varieties of salad dressings), bread selections (hmmm, focaccia bread, mini baguettes, croissants to wholemeal loaves), sashimi platter, sushi counter, Northern Indian cuisine (for curries & naan), with more than 15 main dishes, cheese platter & dessert galores.............tea/coffee is included for this buffet (can opt for double expresso or cuppucinno).........
    I had a tad too much from this buffet and felt bloated towards the end of my meal......greed!!!
    What a wonderful and contented meal, ending with a good hot cup of freshly brewed coffee!!!
    The buffet spread is equivalent to the items served in The Line, Shangri-la Hotel! 5 stars for The Greenhouse for their sumptous buffet spread & attentive service staff!!! - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH ON SUNDAYS!!!

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