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    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    Casuarina Prata Shop



    Thanks to all who had dropped by to my blog.....due to technical problem in Blogger, I was unable to upload several updates......

    Last Friday, we headed to the Thomson area and had Thosai, Chicken curry & my favourite prata (onion & egg). The service had improved tremendously and the Indian staffs were very friendly. They can memorised all the orders without taking out their pen & notepads!!!

    chicken curry

    Chicken Curry
    My egg & onion prata
    Yes, don't forget that cup of Teh Halia after a wonderful evening of curries!
    Friday is a special day of the week, its time for me to have a wonderful evening with my family - where we wound the evening updates on kids and what to do's for Sat & Sundays!!!

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