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    Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    Lion City Hotel (Teochew Porridge/Nasi Lemak Buffet)

    My platter of nasi lemak condiments from the buffet

    My favourite - braised pork trotters & hard boiled egg (tee kar si yu)

    Teochew porridge side dishes - salted egg, stir fried mustard leaves, steamed egg, braised chicken feet & kiam chye (salted vegetables)Dessert - good home cooked green bean soup
    Decided to try the Lion City Hotel 2 in 1 buffet of Teochew porridge & Nasi Lemak as advertised in the papers. Do not judge the hotel by their ratings - economical price/hotel does not mean they are lousy, surprisingly it was better than the Garden Hotel buffets!!!
    The buffet are pretty reasonable @$15 per adult for dinner. I love Teochew porridge & its condiments (simple & appetizing). You'll get pig trotters, chicken feet, kiam chye, chye poh omelette etc.....plus good ole chilli sauce.
    You can also try the nasi lemak buffet - shiok & sedap! Their fried chicken were crispy, ikan kuning were fried to its perfection, fried long beans, ladies fingers, omelette etc.......makan till you burp!!
    For desserts, nice green bean soup (Just like home made) & fruit platter. Coffee/Tea is also included....
    Do call for reservations before heading to Lion City Hotel!!!
    The weekdays semi buffet is also available for less than $12+++.........so if you are along Joo Chiat, give this hotel a try!

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