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    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Aerin's @ Raffles City

    Pear Salad

    3 Mushrooms Bruschetta
    Aerin's Salad
    Blackforest Cake

    Carrot Cake
    Met my friend, Diana, for dinner on Friday. She lives in Utah, USA and is here for a visit. She recommended Aerin's as she loves the Pear Salad.
    Being my first visit to Aerin's, she was darn right about the salad! It was really good! I had the Aerin's Salad with wafu dressing (I love Japanese salad dressing).
    A light cozy Friday's dinner with just salad, bruschetta, coffee and desserts!
    I highly recommend the carrot cake as it was just right, not too spicy, consistency was much better as compared to Olio Dome's carrot cake.
    The Blackforest cake was not the typical cake served - like Diana said, "tastes more like a Mousse cake rather than d traditional blackforest cake"!
    Overall, the ambience was nice and great with girlies night out!!! ;)

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