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    Friday, September 25, 2009

    East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre

    Black Pepper Crabs

    Sweet & Sour Crispy Baby Squids
    Whenever I craved to have seafood, I would rather head to this Teochew seafood, Leng Heng in East Coast Lagoon centre.
    Their black pepper crabs are heavenly........we had also tried their taucheo crabs (with fermented bean paste) and its really good with lots of ginger, cilantro and chilli padi!
    Am a regular in this outlet and the aunty knows me very well......another must try is their fish head in claypot (with roast pork, yam, cabbage, mushrooms and chilli padi). Kiam chye duck in claypot, fried kailan with golden mushrooms and ngoh hiang are delicious!
    You can also opt for Hor Fun, Oyster omelette, fried seafood rice, braised toufu and seafood soup!
    Great outdoor dining with excellent food, friendly servers and fresh fruit/beer available (just 2 units away).

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