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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Pulut Inti, Kueh Keria & Apom Bok Kwa (Peranakan Desserts)

    Pulut Inti
    Apom Bok Kwa, on yr left with durian puree & Kueh Keria

    What is a meal without desserts? For me, being a Peranakan, dessert is a must after each meal!
    I had a wonderful Peranakan lunch buffet in Concorde Hotel last week (previously was known as the Le Meridien in Orchard) and these few desserts caught my eye! The apom bok kwa was not always available in the nonya kueh kedai. Its simply sedap with banana or durian puree! Apom Bok Kwa is a sourdough pancake.
    Kueh Kerai is like doughnut except it is made from mashed sweet potatoes, fried and coat in sugar.....Pulut Inti is glutinous rice cooked in suntan (coconut milk), coloured in bunga terang (purplish blue flower) and topped with grated coconut cooked in gula melaka!

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