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    Saturday, December 05, 2009

    Canele Patisserie, Shaw Centre

    Raspberry Mousse Cake
    Blackforest cake

    I was in Shaw Centre on a crowded Saturday afternoon. Before heading to watch 2012 in Lido, I was tempted to try Canele. The weather was pretty hot at first and within the next 20 mins, it began to pour like cats & dogs.........
    I thought - what a nice cozy afternoon, watching the rain pouring and sipping my cup of coffee (the mood for Dec). I had Blackforest cake, it was rich and had generous filling of blackforest in the cake.
    The alfresco area is not a good idea to dine if it rains - your food may get wet from the rain because the awning is not well connected to the restaurant. Service staff had to use umbrella to shade the food from the cafe to the alfresco seating area.
    However, the Filipino service staff were very friendly and attentive to the patrons.
    A great place for girly tea hang outs or enjoying a copy of Vogue magazine!

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