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    Sunday, December 06, 2009

    Fried Vermicelli (Thai style), Pork Terrine & Wild Boar Meat (ChinaTown)

    Fried Vermicelli, Thai style
    My favourite - pork terrine, with chilli dip

    Mixed meat platter - wild boar & trotter

    Headed to ChinaTown today to get a pressie ............would like to get something traditional for a little boy in Canada..........found a very cute oriental outfit for him.
    I found my pork terrine - Teochew cold dish.........LOST & FOUND! Wild boar, shark terrine & braised meat were served here............only in ChinaTown!
    Would definitely try the Cantonese braised duck in my next visit to ChinaTown......before the Lunar New Year and perhaps a Cheong Sam for myself in the next trip???

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