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    Sunday, February 07, 2010

    Kueh Kara Kara

    This is one of my favourites for the Lunar New Year....its called Kueh Kara Kara (fragrile rice krispies)....it is made from rice flour & sugar. I've asked my grandma how this kueh was made and she explained that making this kueh is very tedious..... coconut husk was used and they had to make many tiny holes on the husk. Its something like roti jala - sugar syrup & rice flour mixture were poured to the husk. Batter was deep fried.
    It is very costly, as it is very difficult to make. A tub of 10 pieces cost S$10!!!
    Kueh Kara Kara is not easily available and perhaps you could get the kueh kara kara in Joo Chiat.

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