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    Saturday, June 05, 2010

    Ananda Bhavan, T2, Changi Airport

    Vegetarian Mee Goreng, extra spicy for me

    Masala Tea (disappointed that no cinnamon stick was given!)

    Mulligatwni Soup

    Tosai Set


    Mike's favourite South Indian Set Meal
    My family enjoys Northern, Southern Indian meals..........last weekend, we headed to Changi Airport T2 for a South Indian vegetarian lunch.
    Ananda Bhavan is well known for their vegetarian meal and sweets from South Indian. South Indian food is predominantly vegetarian.
    I had my first vegetarian mee goreng and simply love it! Surprisingly, the best mee goreng I've tasted (I reminded the chef to add extra chilli padi for me).
    The Mulligatwni Soup was superb too.........since it is vegetarian, no chicken was added to it. Basmati rice, masala and lots of Indian spices are added. Great with garlic bread or a chunk of crusty bread!

    My kids love Puri or Poori (made from dough of atta & salt, deep frying in ghee or vegetable oil) and Tosai or Dosa (a crepe made from rice & black lentils), served with lentil curries and dips.
    To complete my lunch, I had the Masala Chai or Tea (a mixture of aromatic Indian spices & herbs are added). I love my Masala Chai served with a cinnamon stick!
    At least, you need not head to Little India for a sumptous vegetarian meal! Dining in comfort at the airport ;)

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