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    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Bedugul, Bali

    Bali Fashion

    Mr Bat was not a friendly bat! Erks, Josh & Mr Python!

    Mr Iguana.......who's a vegan Captivating shots of Lake & Ulun Danu

    Spices.....adores the colourful combination

    Hmmmm, finger lickin good durian - better than the Malaysian harvested durians....

    Bedugul Fruit/Vegetable Market

    On the way to Bedugul, we took some scaly shots with the reptiles.....I was told that Balinese love eating bats, rabbits and dogs....erks!

    Captivating, beautiful panorama of Buyan Lake & Tambligan Lake.....You can see white clouds coming down the mountain one after the other.....nice cooling climate.

    In Bedugul, most of the vendors are Muslims.......I like Bedugul for its aplenty of fruits and vegetables selections!

    Fresh garden vegetables just great for salads, gado gado and vegetable/fruit concoction!

    Also available, Rabbit satay in the corner coffee shop.....erks! Fancy eating the poor rabbits??

    Rabbits for sale

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