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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Nikko Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua

    Dessert @ The Delicatessan - Green Tea Cake

    Illy's Cappuccino - superb! Illy's coffee is served here!

    The Shore Restaurant - BBQ Seafood & Bar

    Buffet Breakfast @ courtyard

    Room Service - Continental Breakfast by the patio

    Strawberries - harvested in Bali

    Nasi Goreng


    Coffee, Juices, Fruit slices

    Fancy breakfast by your patio?

    The Italian Restaurant of Nikko Bali Resort & Spa

    Assorted Barbeque Meat pizza

    Margherita Pizza

    What is Bali without its Bintang Beer??

    Dining in its hotel premises are not cheap........However, the pizzas were marvellous...thin crispy authenthic Italian flavour.....great with its local Bintang Beer (a bit tad too light for moi)......total bill - Rupiah 441,045

    The Bakerwoman takes a break...... relaxing and watching fabulous bodies alongst the beach ;)

    Relaxing by the private pool

    Camel Safari available within the hotel's premises
    30 mins ride - US35 per person
    Here's the paranormic view of the hotel
    I would rate 9 outta 10 for this 5 star hotel.......excellent & prompt service rendered. Attentive and friendly service staff.....

    You can book on line and rates as accordance to peak and non peak periods......normal garden view room - US250 per night........Pool Access is approx US380 per nite without breakfast

    Excellent sports activities, dining (Japanese, Italian, The Shore (Bar & Seafood) and amphitheatre for Tuesday nite's Kekek Dance.

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