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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Padang Food, Samudera......

    The best warong padang I had in Kuta....Samudera

    All the laut (dishes) are yummy, I love their sambal tumis......shiok!

    Eating padang is sedap with yr hands.....a bowl of water will be given before the food is served to your table

    Bintang Beer & Padang go hand in hand!!!

    Dine in comfort, the Balinese way.....

    Padang food is usually cooked once per day and all customers choose from those dishes, which are left out on display until no food is left. It is served in small portions of various dishes, with rice in a complete meal.
    Customers take, and pay for only what they want from this array of dishes.

    We love the ayam goreng (fried chicken in spices) and front hock of the lembu (lamb trotter in curry)......shiok!!!
    You'll never get this ambience & sedap food except in BALI!

    Now you know the answer - The Bakerwoman heads thrice to Bali........for best food, adventure & beautiful countryside!
    Bali with love -

    The Bakerwoman - Coffee Talk at 11:48 PM 2 comments

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