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    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Saranam Eco Resort

    Reservation for The Bakerwoman Desserts & kuehs

    Fresh Garden Vegetables........

    Quoted from the brochure: "Replenish yr lungs with the cool tropical mountain fresh air, sooth your mind with the musical notes of the river rippling by; feast your sights on breathtaking views as far as the eyes can see......."

    The resort is located in Pacung, Baturiti village on the main road to Bedugul resort area in the regency at the central part of Bali. It covers an area of 20,000 sq surrounded by terraced rice fields, with year round temperature of 18-24 deg celsius.
    There are villas available for rental from US$75 to US$150....inclusive of breakfast.
    Nusa Dua to Saranam Resort is approx 2.5hrs by car..... The Bakerwoman is enjoying her cuppa of Balinese kopi, admiring the beautiful scenic landscape which Singapore lacks........

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