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    Monday, July 12, 2010

    P S CAFE, Tanglin Village, Harding Road

    Double Chocolate Blackout cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Grilled wagyu & US chuck patty topped with camembert cheese, wilted spinach, bacon, tomato & caramelised onion on toasted sesame bun with P.S. fries!

    Linseed Bread - The Bakerwoman's favourite!

    Since I'm attending the Olive Oil Tasting in Huber's on Saturday, I decided to have lunch in PS Cafe.....

    I had the PS Burger. For dessert - I had the most sinful chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream!

    The cafe offers indoor as well as outdoor seating, where you can star-gaze while sipping coffee!

    Not forgetting to buy my favourite deli - Linseed Bread for Sunday's breakkie!

    Ooops...gotta workout real hard for the extra calories on Sunday! Sunday is swim day for The Bakerwoman!

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