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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    The Junk Restaurant @ Kuching

    The Bakerwoman @ The Kalimantan Border

    Here we are @The Junk for dinner.....

    Cozy dinner with great companions!

    Grilled Salmon & Juicy Sizzling Steak

    Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings with Mashed & Salad

    Greetings from Kuching, Sarawak!

    Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and takes up two-thirds of northern Borneo. Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak and is also the nearest entry point northwest of Borneo.

    The origins of Kuching's name remains a legend today. Although "Kuching" translates into "cat" in Malay, there is a theory where it may actually be a variation of the Indian name "Cochin", meaning "port" as Kuching was first settled by Indian traders who set up base at Santubong.

    The signature dish for this cafe is the Grilled Steak. I love the cozy ambience and late diners started to stream in around 8pm.........Lots of expats diners.

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