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    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Kek Lapis.....Kuching Style....Sights to Behold!!!

    Beautiful handicrafts of Kuching & Seashells decorative ornaments

    After taking a nice leisure stroll along the Kuching Waterfront, we headed to the Main Bazaar. This is the oldest street in Kuching, dating back to 1864.

    Historically, tin smiths and carpenters also congregated here. Today, it is known as Kuching's antique & handicraft street. This is the place to be if you are looking for interesting souvenirs to bring home and Kek Lapis!!

    The Sarawakians are definitely creative in decorating the kek lapis!
    You can try the assorted flavours of Kek Lapis....

    I bought the Cheese & Chocolate Lapis.....SEDAP!!!

    From left: Watermelon, some Ikat design (crisscrossing mat design), pandan, Horlick flavour

    I was mesmerised by the unique, interesting and delicious layer cakes in the Main Bazaar....The unique & beautiful cakes comes with all types of design possible, all carefully layered in a rainbow of colours, a sight to behold and a pleasure when it melts in your mouth!!!

    Making these cakes are not easy....being a baker myself, these cakes are a labour of love & quality control......

    Since Hari Raya is around the corner....these cakes are just right for your guests or great tea cakes for other special events......one loaf is approx M$20.

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